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Blind Ferret’s server got hacked, so the HE Store is down for now. Sharksplode is still fully functional.

I did a two part interview with the United We Geek podcast. You can listen to part 1 right here!

Adventures of the Gummi Bears was one of those 80’s shows where someone said (someone in this case being Michael  Eisner), “Hey, here’s a thing kids like. Let’s make a show about it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a food or a packaging material or an intangible idea or paint samples. Just make it all alive and add magic to it!” I always appreciated the lengths cartoon producers would go in the 80’s to make a show somehow appeal more to what they perceived children were. Like with the Punky Brewster cartoon, some guy saw a successful TV show about an orphan girl and her foster father and said, “Great premise, but let’s magic that shit up a notch! Bam! She’s got a fuzzy goblin from another dimension for a pet or whatever! 80’s cartoon producer guy, you’re a GENIUS.”


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    • What debate – it is right there in the theme song. And if you don't believe cartoon theme songs, then I'm not sure what truth there is in the universe.

      • I did believe the theme song was correct, but some of my friends thought The Misfits were the truly outrageous ones. Blasphemy!

    • Yes it was. And I’m hearing the theme in my head right now. “Bouncing here and there and everywhere…”

      Thank you Joel. :’)

  1. argh that is lame about feedburner. awesome comic by the way! i was always surprised that the gummi bears cartoon was actually decent…as opposed to the horrendous rubick's cube cartoon. that one really was a case of the 'magic-ing up' something just for a kid's show!

  2. I think bottom-of-the-barrel was taken by the Alf cartoon and the Pac-Man (Pac-Mania?) cartoon.
    And the Snorks… tried to be the Smurfs but wasn't socialist enough to pull it off.

    I'd love to see Abrams take on Darkwing Duck. LOVED that one – even though I despise Disney with a hatred as black and cold as space.

    • The Snorks were awesome. Less socialist? Or less racist than the smurfs? You know they were just a mini blue KKK right? And gargamel and “Asrael”, caricatures Goebells would have been proud of.

      • The smurfs were the creation of a French cartoonist. (Does France have the KKK?)

        Gargamel and Azrael were the evil capitalists.
        The Smurfs were a socialist community, wherein each one had their job to do (which usually happened to be their name), they were the only smurf in town who would do that job, and everyone was magically happy with this communal life.

        At the basest possible level, the Smurfs were Russians and Gargamel and Azrael were the evil, large and powerful United States, always trying to crush the true communist dream.

        • Haha. You’re right. The Jewish people have never been portrayed as the evils of capitalism incarnate. Stalin wasn’t antisemetic was he?

  3. Ah, Heroes season 2, how much I wanted to like you. I wanted to like you so much I even bought you on DVD. Why weren't you awesome?

    I'd go for a reboot of Heroes, either JJ or Whedon.

  4. I remember the MC Hammer cartoon, in which they magicked up his shoes. Genius! (is how I would describe the person who decided to immediately cancel it).
    In fact, now I remember a few years ago when I met the guy who invented Street Sharks (like Ninja Turtles, but sharks). Now he's in PR.

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