Joel Watson Voice Over Reels

Character Reel

Through my work with Explosm I have voiced countless characters in the Cyanide & Happiness animations, including fan-favorites Chip Chapley and John Battman, as well as being a primary voice actor on all 4 seasons of The Cyanide & Happiness Show for NBC/Universal and VRV. I created and starred in the original series Purgatony, which now airs on SYFY, and News To Me with Chip Chapley for Facebook Watch. I started my voice acting career as Pvt. Michael Garnett in the popular Brothers in Arms series of games by Gearbox Software.

Commercial Reel

I have voiced ads, stingers and tags for Explosm projects like Cyanide & Happiness animations, Joking Hazard and Trial by Trolley card games, and Freakpocalypse the video game. I have done likewise for projects with Sony Crackle, Nord VPN, NBC/Universal, SYFY, VRV, Facebook Watch and many others.