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Horribly sad, long story short: The Blind Ferret Server got SUPER hacked and all their sites went down, including my store. Most are still down. Every day the store is down I get closer to not having enough money to pay my bills this month. Therefor I have created a temporary PRINT SHOP when you can get my BRAND NEW “TESLA UNCOILED” print as well any many of my most popular large prints.


You can also still get all kids of fancy fine shirts from Sharksplode.

What do Canadian scientists know about who’s happy and who’s a miserable skin sack full of rage-knots and tar-like hateblood? They’re probably all high on free government weed and socialist Obamacare. Subsequently, I don’t know anything about Canada.


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If you used to get HE in your email inbox through Feedburner, this service seems to offer the same functionality for free.

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I did a two part interview with the United We Geek podcast. You can listen to part 1 right here and part 2 over here. We talk a lot about the origins of the comic, The Experiment, what a “creative community” really is and then I go off on Star Wars for like half an hour. It’s good fun.

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  1. *waves wang all about the comments*

  2. From another view we see Josh is doing the helicopter dick…

  3. "Dongs and Opportunity" sounds like a gay pr0n parody of a Victorian costume drama.

      • Me, too.

    • Or it sounds like a wacky comedy on TBS (that eventually gets moved to Bravo) about an internet startup staffed by gay guys putting out apps like Grindr, Skruff, and others. Wackiness and sex on the company ping-pong table ensue.

  4. Just for the record, I love every single thing about this strip. Comedic perfection.

    • Thanks!

  5. If only we could all be carried away by such Dongful Blissnorence!

    Time to forget pants and remember to live!

  6. Joel, literally everything I know about Canada I learned from your comic about what it was like crossing the border each direction.

    • Same. I think I might annoy my Canadian friends with my assumptions, but they're too polite to admit it.

  7. I would imagine simply being Canadian makes one less stressed than the average being American.

    "Let's play hockey and do science, eh."
    Sounds awesome.


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