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[I’m hearing reports of unusually high shipping charges in the store. I’ve asked what the deal is but so far I have not gotten a straight answer. I PROMISE you that shipping prices will be normal when the store re-opens shortly after the blowout sale. I’m really sorry about this and I appreciate anyone that tried to support the sale, but had to abandon their cart due to crazy shipping prices.]

Hot damn if these new strips aren’t kicking my ass. I spent a day just trying to figure out how to draw Denise. Longtime HE readers may know that she’s appeared very infrequently and thus has never really had a consistent appearance. Primarily her scarceness was due to my lack of confidence with regards to drawing ladies. I am forcing myself to get better at this by writing them into the comics for essentially the first time ever. I am also taking more time on the backgrounds since I’ve realized that continuing stories will probably call for continuity in background settings. Feel free to check my math on that, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. Anyway, these new challenges have lead to my typical 4-5 hour comic process taking 8-10 hours.

Regardless of the additional time constraints I am extremely proud of the new comics and the feedback I’ve been getting is really reassuring. It’s does wonders for my enthusiasm to see people tweeting and posting jokes from my comics that are just dialog I’ve written between characters instead of my take on some Hollywood shenanigan or Doctor Whoism. There’s still a place for that in the Lo-fi comics (because I still love telling those kinds of jokes), but it’s gratifying to know I can invent something of my own and have it still be amusing to some.

COMMENTERS: What did you significant other do to make you realize that they just GET you? Or vice versa? When did you look at someone and go, “Oh, you feel that way about that thing, then our brains/hearts must have similar operating systems.”

NOTE: The Mobile Alt Text button broke when I put the big store sale banner in the site. As soon as the sale is over I will put the button back.

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iampaul's avatar

iampaul · 91 weeks ago

Im from the Philippines
But I dont seem to get it
Sky Boners?
Please explain

2 replies · active 91 weeks ago

Top Gun has been consistently accused of being full of thinly-veiled homoerotic motifs. The joke here is that, because of this, when it’s translated into another language the thin veil is removed – it’s not necessarily Philippines specific.
What he said. I’m glad you did this because I would rather chop off my own head with a brick than explain a joke.
I like Denise. No, I *really* like her. “My ass needs a couch, my brain needs a beer.”

2 replies · active 72 weeks ago

Fren's avatar

Fren · 91 weeks ago

Give us six of her and worlds shall tremble.
Phil's avatar

Phil · 91 weeks ago

As a former American colony, the Philippines rarely gets alternate movie titles.

But if we did, Sky Boners would be TIGAS LANGIT. Which is awesome.

4 replies · active 91 weeks ago

Stephanie's avatar

Stephanie · 91 weeks ago

Tigas Langit is a good name for the hero of an action sci fi adventure movie.
Is that Tagalog?
Also, please be super prepared for my vision of the Philippines and the ACTUAL Philippines to differ WILDLY.
Stephanie's avatar

Stephanie · 91 weeks ago

For me and my hubby it was the sense of humor. My best friend stuck us in a car together for a long drive to an exhibition game against another college. I started out bummed because I actually had a crush on another guy. But then we passed some land feature named after some sort of tableware (fork pass or something) and we spent the rest of the trip naming land features after tableware. It was silly and ridiculous, but it passed the time quickly. I relentlessly pursued him after that until he finally gave in and asked me out. We’ve now been married almost 10 years and we still have the same sense of humor. I’ve discovered that his ability to make me laugh when I’m having a bad day is the single most important thing in our marriage.
AmyLynn's avatar

AmyLynn · 91 weeks ago

My husband is a baseball geek as well as a Browncoat and a Trekkie. We find common ground on the latter all the time. The other day I said something like “yeah, but that record is from the dead-ball era” and he just stared at me. I swear I could see Looney Tunes style hearts emanating from his head.
While reading the comic and before reading your blog I thought to myself…
“Oh good, he’s staying consistent with the background.” It’s something I appreciate. I like to become familiar with character’s surroundings.
I also laughed at Joel in the third panel. 😉

As for the comment question, for no reason at all, I was given a Gamorrean Guard doll.

Paul's avatar

Paul · 91 weeks ago

Just wanted to join the chorus and say that I think this move to continuing stories is a good idea. It’ll help you stretch creative muscles you may not have used previously, and I think that focusing on and expanding a cast of regular characters will build readership and contribute to the longevity of the strip.
Sonia's avatar

Sonia · 91 weeks ago

I love both the new direction you’re going in as well as the lo-fi strips and think you are doing a fantastic job. Challenging yourself artistically is a good thing. I will keep reading as will most of my friends.
My wife told me when we were dating that she wanted me to come over and watch the NHL finals with her. I grew up playing hockey, she had only a tangential knowledge of it. She then asked me to explain it to her. I’m not sure there is anything better for a sports fan than explaining the sport to a newbie.
HikingViking's avatar

HikingViking · 91 weeks ago

I’m glad I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read about Pretty Horse and Mustache Duck, or I would have spit it out. Because laughter.
Thatman42's avatar

Thatman42 · 91 weeks ago

Anything you decide to do with the comic I will support. I’ve been reading it for a couple of years and have enjoyed it all.
I used to be pretty into Warhammer back when I had more time to devote to it. My fiance isn’t much of a geek but one year for Christmas she made a folding warhammer table for me. At that point I realized that even though she may not be into all the same stuff I’m into, she will at the very least support and encourage my involvement which is awesome.
Richter's avatar

Richter · 91 weeks ago

When I rebuilt an engine over the kitchen sink
I knew the ex and I were in trouble when we went to the Grand Canyon and she described it unironically as “just a hole in the ground.”

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Huttj509's avatar

Huttj509 · 91 weeks ago

When my family went there, my reaction was basically “It’s pretty, a bit bigger than what I’m used to, but not as magical as the hype has it.”

Then I moved to Indiana, and realized how good scenery-wise I had it back in northern New Mexico, with the Rio Grande gorge literally in my backyard.

Bruceski's avatar

Bruceski · 91 weeks ago

The main thought I remember from the Grand Canyon was at sunrise, when the shadows combined with the size of it killed my brain’s sense of scale and made it look like a cardboard diorama.
Jon's avatar

Jon · 91 weeks ago

When my wife got me a giant book of DC comics art. I want to put it on a pedestal in the living room like some families do to bibles. In turn I gave her a pendant of Mars for her birthday. The look on her face was priceless as she is obsessed with the planet and space in general. As for the new direction I dig it. Reading this comic is like grabbing coffee with good friends.
Neph Sy's avatar

Neph Sy · 91 weeks ago

Having a similar sense of humor was the turning point for me. I’d been attracted to men that were funny, but most of them liked to be the center of attention, as if they were constantly on stage performing a set. Then I met someone who thought “I” was funny, would laugh at the odd things I say, and then could join in and throw back his own concoctions to get me going too. Rarely does a day go by when we’re not being silly and joking around.

And it didn’t hurt that on our first official date when I was talking about my favourite science fiction and fantasy authors (at the time) he ran into his boarding house and came out carrying their latest releases!

Aetheling's avatar

Aetheling · 91 weeks ago

Pretty much as soon as I met her!
She’s an English Civil War re-enactor who specifically runs a cannon crew, she shares the same man-crushes as me, listens to dodgy eighties hair metal, and farted at me in the pub on the very first occasion we met.
After that, I knew it was only a matter of time.
Dudeguy's avatar

Dudeguy · 91 weeks ago

I once told my wife that sometimes, on long car trips, I imagined shooting laser beams out of my pinkie finger (since the others were occupied) and blowing up stuff on the side of the road. She looked at me like I was absolutely nuts, shook her head slowly and said “That’s stupid. Everyone knows the index is your laser finger.”
Laura's avatar

Laura · 91 weeks ago

There have been many things with my boyfriend (like when I mentioned that after long gaming sessions, I would get in the car and be disappointed that it wasn’t my epic mount, to which he responded “Yeah, so you keep reaching for the spacebar to jump, and slowly realize you can’t just fly over the other cars…”) but the most recent have been as a result of moving into a new place together. Talking about getting art for the walls and such, he mentioned putting up giant prints of Magic: the Gathering art and I mentioned a series of DC comics based art that caught my eye. We were both thrilled with the other’s choice.

Also, although moving costs have left us strapped for cash, he told me the other day, “So the first time we ordered pizza over here, I tipped the guy really well. $10 on a $30 order. I’ve been tipping similarly well every time since then. Our delivery time has been cut in half.” Priorities, man…. priorities.

My wife got me Pandemic for my last birthday.

We started dating when we were 18, and it wasn’t that I met her so long ago and she still “gets me.” It’s that we got each other when we were 18, then we started to grow up and mature and refine our interests and become more complex people… together. We sort of progressed at the same rate, changed in very similar ways, and through luck stayed compatible though we are both entirely different people that we were when we met.


Highway To The Danger Zone

The BIGGEST MERCH SALE I HAVE EVER DONE  ENDS THIS WEEK (9/21/13)! GO NOW to the HE STORE $10 Books! $9 Shirts! 

I made you TWO new Breaking Bad Lofi comics over the weekend. Check them out HERE and HERE.

“Take my breath awaaayyyyyy… Bum buhhhh, bum buhhhhhh, bum BUHHHHH…”

COMMENTERS: WHY DID GOOSE HAVE TO DIEEE!?!?!? Wait… no. That’s not the question. Top Gun is a movie that nearly perfectly encapsulates the 80’s. How we talked, how we dressed, the kinds of jets we flew… it’s all there. Which movies do you think can define, or at least explain each decade to someone that didn’t live through them? For the late 90’s, the only correct answer is Hackers.

NOTE: The Mobile Alt Text button broke when I put the big store sale banner in the site. As soon as the sale is over I will put the button back.

Have you seen my wife’s latest geeky jewelry creation? DNA Necklaces! 

DNA Necklace on Etsy


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ricky's avatar

ricky · 91 weeks ago

Bruceski's avatar

Bruceski · 91 weeks ago

I think to explain the 80s you just have someone watch a sunset while playing Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

1 reply · active 91 weeks ago

MrPlow99's avatar

MrPlow99 · 91 weeks ago

In a house filled with popcorn
I’ll see your Top Gun and raise you a Desperately Seeking Susan. It’s horrible that it’s so accurate.

Also “Go” for the 90’s

Dean's avatar

Dean · 91 weeks ago

<i.Strange Days</i>. It captures late-90s technofear and pre-millenial angst perfectly.
thank you so much. I hope they seem more real because that is my intent and it’s not just some grand accident.
You’re spot on. I think it encapsulates exactly what it was like just before social tech changed essentially everything about how we interacted with the world and the people in it.
Oughts. I call it the Oughts.
I dont know if I can get on board with this. Swingers captured a type of behavior that I have never seen an actual human exhibit. It might be a good movie from the 90’s but is it a great movie ABOUT the 90’s? I’d counter with “Singles” and “Reality Bites.”
HikingViking's avatar

HikingViking · 91 weeks ago

It’s interesting – now that I live in Seattle, I could totally see Singles being a staple movie of the 90’s. Actually, the Seattle-impression from that movie was what attracted me to move up here in the first place. But growing up in Southern California, I can vouch that many, many people acted EXACTLY like the characters in Swingers.
That_guy's avatar

That_guy · 91 weeks ago

Empire Records

It’s a bunch of emo teens saving a record store run by a guy who would have had to accomplish something to be washed up.

Also, I still like it.

1 reply · active 91 weeks ago

This is my wife’s favorite teen-times movie and yes, you are correct that it bleeds the 90’s from every pore.
nenslo's avatar

nenslo · 91 weeks ago

Surely Clerks for the 90s? Whiny, narcissistic, unsure where to go or what the future holds. Dante Hicks is the human race in one perfectly encapsulated arsehole.

80s, I’d go with Big Trouble in Little China (mainly because I still don’t know what that movie is about and I have similar feelings about the 80s in general); early 00s I’d go with Suckerpunch, because we all got taken to mental wards/brothels and then fantasised about killing steampunk Nazis with Gatling guns… obviously.

2 replies · active 91 weeks ago

See if you can follow me on this line of logic (since Im not sure that it makes sense), but to me Clerks in a quintessential 90’s movie not because it was INFORMED BY 90’s culture, but because of it’s own influence on the way we spoke, dressed, and the affect it had on movies to follow. In that respect, I would not say it’s very representative of what living through the 90’s was actually like.
nenslo's avatar

nenslo · 91 weeks ago

I see where you’re coming from and maybe it is a case of hindsight but to be so spot on, surely it must be informed of current culture (at the time) otherwise it wouldn’t have hit home in quite the same way. I absolutely agree with you that it affected cinema since its release but as a definition of 90s, the zeitgeist, the angst and apathy (although this could be a regional thing) then I think it’s spot on.

Personally, I love Clerks and Dante always reminds me of myself and how I felt after leaving university.

Aetheling's avatar

Aetheling · 91 weeks ago

I think the Matrix sums up the late nineties and early two thousands (I hate the term noughties). The whole thing about rebellion against a system certainly influenced me and my friends. That, and all the cool clothes. (to an extent, I’ve always thought of the Matrix as a tipping point when people really started to ask questions about government in the modern age and it’s been steadily fermenting from 1999 onwards.)
I dont think he would like it, since it’s cheap mexican beer with a fake german name.
The Unknown FB's avatar

The Unknown FB · 91 weeks ago

It sounds more like something directly marketed to straight frats in college towns who need to get drunk to have man-on-man sex. ..
…before they come out 20 years later after decades of hitting on me when “the wife is out of town”.
For the 80’s “Wall Street”. 😉

For the 90’s just a photograph of Sandra Bullock. She was in almost every movie that decade.

bubujin_2's avatar

bubujin_2 · 91 weeks ago

For the 80s, “The Breakfast Club”–at least as a microcosm of white teenage suburbia.
Dave's avatar

Dave · 91 weeks ago

For the past few comics, I have noticed that the radio button to reveal the hover text is gone. Now I can’t see the hover text when I am using my iPad to access the site. That makes me a sad Mac.

1 reply · active 91 weeks ago

If you read the note at the end of the commentary section, it mentions that that button is currently borked, but will return to service soon.
DuckAmuck's avatar

DuckAmuck · 91 weeks ago

I kinda think the best movie to sum up the ’80s is actually “Hot Tub Time Machine.”
Complete with a whiny John Cusack. And sex, drugs and booze. And skiing. And “violent” preppies.

2 replies · active 91 weeks ago

But it wasn’t made in the 80s
MrPlow99's avatar

MrPlow99 · 91 weeks ago

Yeah… if we’re going to allow movies made more recently but set in the 80s, I would nominate The Wedding Singer.
Steve's avatar

Steve · 91 weeks ago

Because if Goose didn’t die, we wouldn’t get Deadmeat jokes for Hot Shots. Not to mention Washout. Goose died for better humor.

1 reply · active 91 weeks ago

lou's avatar

lou · 91 weeks ago

So, it was worth it, right?
90percentgeek's avatar

90percentgeek · 91 weeks ago

I think you can define decades by their horror movies (but then I am currently involved in watching a horror movie marathon). So 80s the Friday the 13th saga, 90s the Scream saga, 00s The Ring. I can’t wait to see what this decades defining horror movie will be.

1 reply · active 91 weeks ago

VERY interesting idea. Scream is almost the perfect 90’s movie. It’s jaded with it’s own genre. That’s the 90’s in a nutshell.
jiynx's avatar

jiynx · 91 weeks ago

you and wheaton need to get together to make brobrau a thing.


Rad Brobot

Blind Ferret’s server got hacked, so the HE Store is down for now. Sharksplode is still fully functional.

I did a two part interview with the United We Geek podcast. You can listen to part 1 right here!

Adventures of the Gummi Bears was one of those 80’s shows where someone said (someone in this case being Michael  Eisner), “Hey, here’s a thing kids like. Let’s make a show about it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a food or a packaging material or an intangible idea or paint samples. Just make it all alive and add magic to it!” I always appreciated the lengths cartoon producers would go in the 80’s to make a show somehow appeal more to what they perceived children were. Like with the Punky Brewster cartoon, some guy saw a successful TV show about an orphan girl and her foster father and said, “Great premise, but let’s magic that shit up a notch! Bam! She’s got a fuzzy goblin from another dimension for a pet or whatever! 80’s cartoon producer guy, you’re a GENIUS.”


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Just plugin the HE RSS feed [http://hijinksensue.com/feed/] and your email address.

Wheaton Comic Dare: Sterling Cooper Maverick Goose

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made this “Fighting Time Lords” shirt for you! No, really. Specifically FOR YOU.

Gallifrey University Fighting Time Lords Shirt - Doctor Who parody, geeky tees, funny t-shirts,  nerdy shirts

Occasionally Wil Wheaton dares me to turn random tweets into comics. This burden, this curse is mine alone to carry. One day I will find a way to break the chains that bind me to the will of Wheaton, but until then you can benefit from my suffering. That is assuming you have any idea at all what is happening in the above comic. Do you? Can you explain it to me? I blacked out about halfway through drawing it and when I awoke the house was on fire. [He makes me doooo thiiinnnngs… baaaaad thiiiinnngs]

This particular Wheaton comic dare originated from a tweetversation between me and Fancy Bastard @pipsipirate regarding “Top Men” and their relationship to both Top Gun and Mad Men. Highway to the danger zone, indeed. Apparantly Wil Wheaton has my twitterphones tapped or else I retweeted the exchange, because mere moments after the initial transmission he threw down the gauntlet

Having completed the challenge and being hardly any worse for the wear [some of my skin has started to grow back], I am now hoping someone far more talented than me will remake the entire Mad Men intro using elements of Top Gun. There’s already all of that falling. The work practically does itself.

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