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Nothing says, “I bought you some stuff from the Internet,” like buying people stuff from the Internet. 

JoCo Cruise Crazy II guest week starts now! I will be on a boat all week with about half of the Internet and a dozen or so of my close friends and at least a handful of my creative heroes, and YOU sent me there with your generous participation in my fundraiser! So, thanks for that. What a swell lady or gent or undefinable organism you are. I will karaoke “Come Sail Away” by Styx in your honor. Was I being too presumptuous in classifying you as an organism? I’m trying to be sensitive but at this point I will have been drinking rum punches with dolphins for several days and I should not be held responsible for… well, anything. Of course I am technically writing this the Thursday before I leave, so… now my eyes have gone cross. RUM PUNCH STAT!

It is a safe bet that you aren’t Lar deSouza, which is to say I am not as fond of you as I am of Lar deSouza because I AM SUPER FOND OF LAR DESOUZA! He is essentially the greatest guy. Completely disregarding the fact that he can draw EVERYTHING in nearly any style or configuration, have it look amazing and somehow seem effortless – disregarding all of that – he is one of the most genuine, sweet men I am ever met. Let’s see, you got the talent. You got the sweetness. You got the MIGHTY MIGHTY beard. You got the penchant for wearing fezzes and various other novelty chapeaus. He really has it all… ladies. Also he has a wife… ladies. So whatever you’re thinking… he is probably totally cool with you thinking it AS HARD AS YOU CAN. Maybe even email him some pictures of what you’re thinking of.

Lar was kind enough to contribute a comic for Cruise Guest week, but introduced him to Jonathan Frakes, so that makes us even essentially forever. You can see Lar’s work on Least I Could Do, Looking For Group, on Twitter and you can buy some pretty fantastic prints in his store. I personally recommend this one of all 11 Doctors as bunnies because… well did you read the thing about Doctors and bunnies? I know, right?

COMMENTERS: Perhaps The Doctor is our only hope against The Phantom Menace in 3D. How could he make the movie, nay, the whole prequel trilogy more palatable?

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  1. As long as Lucas isn't the one writing him, the Doctor would have to make the Prequels better. Every time some stupid trade negotiations started, the 11th would just walk in going, "Oh hello! Don't mind me, just being brilliant! By the way, you do realize that man with the silky voice is the phantom menace, yes?"

    • I have a theory. My theory is that Doctor Who can cross over with anything. There are officual crossovers with Star Trek, Eastenders, the Cthulu mythos and The Hulk out there (yes the Hulk as in the big green rage monster). And I've seen fanfiction crossing over with evrything from Firefly to My Little Pony: Frendship Is Magic that I actually enjoyed reading and don't break the tone of either series to much.

      Hell, there are even hints in Hitch Hikers Guide and the Buffy comics that they take place within the Whoniverse if you look close enough.

      I think it's partly because the Whoniverse is so vast that places like the Firefly 'verse or the Star Wars galaxy could easily fit inside it like a Russian doll without really contradictiong the nebulous Who cannon. But mostly because of the format, we are used to the TARDIS landing in a weird place and the Doctor messing around in it. Potentially, any episode of Doctor Who could also be an episode of a slice-of-life sitcom or space opra during which they encounter a misterious man from out of town, or an odd alien in a box.

      And that is why Doctor Who will always come back. Because it's not a TV Show, its evry TV show.

  2. Huh. Weird. My previous comment disappeared. And no, it wasn't spam.

    Anyway, there is a very easy way to make the movie not suck. Watch it with the new Mr. Plinkett's commentary, live. Plinkett is the guy who did the 1.5 hour review of the Phantom Menace, and a bunch of other reviews – he is hilarious!

    My friends and I are planning to do this. It's basically MST3K live. Just start the audio when the first title shows up, and everything is synchronized.

  3. Huh, weird – there is some sort of strange comment filtering system on this site. Third attempt.

    Anyway, there is a very easy way to make the Phantom Menace not suck – just watch it with Mr. Plinkett's commentary. Plinkett is the guy who did the 1.5 hour review of the movie – and a bunch of other hilarious reviews. I highly recommend them.

    Just go to – you can get the track from there. It's basically MST3K but live – should be pretty awesome. My friends and I are planning to do this. After some libation, of course.

  4. Huh. Weird. I can see all the comments in IE9, but not in Chrome. I think Chrome is too fast for the comment system.

    Joel, you may want to check it out. If somebody's connection and browser is too fast, all the comments don't load – I guess something times out too quickly.

  5. I just have this mental image of the Doctor saying "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry" before putting Jar-Jar and Anikain out of our collective suffering… and I smile… 🙂

  6. Now I wonder how Time Lord telepathy, or indeed a TARDIS' telepathic curcits would interact with The Force. The Doctor has been able to tap into sorces of psionic power in the past. The results could be Interesting.

    Plus any encounter between the Doctor and Yoda could only end in a prank war of shakesperian praportions.

    • All species in the galaxy exhibiting the same psyonic symptoms/powers? Really? That's pretty much impossible unless all species in the galaxy are very closely related, or the powers are the result of some technological system. The Force is just something generated by advanced technology, somewhere in that galaxy.

      I like to think that the force is some sort of data bus connecting all living things into a giant supercomputer – kind-of like the Earth was a supercomputer in Hitchhiker's Guide. It would also explain why there is virtually no technological progress in the 4000+ years between the Old Republic and the modern era. The supercomputer is sucking away everyone's intelligence and creativity.

      • Whatevs. They totally developed wireless lightsabers, instead of the kind that power from the battery pack on your belt. And their comlinks used to look like 1980s cell phones, instead of the little dots they use in ROTJ.
        I know you're jealous of my SW knowledge, and all the ladies I must get.

  7. For some reason, I picture a Wizard of Oz moment, when the TARDIS lands on Jar Jar.

    And yes, give me an extended 40-minute conversation between the Doctor and Yoda. They can discuss anything, and it will still be an improvement over any given 40 minutes in the prequels.

    In short, I would buy tickets to see this, and watch both trilogies compress into a two-parter Who episode.

  8. The reason why Phantom Menace 3D wasn't successful is because everyone is racist towards the third dimension. Lucas couldn't even find a distributor because it’s an all-3D movie. There’s no major 2D roles in it at all. It’s one of the first all-3D action pictures ever made.

    Lucas is taking a big chance here. He's putting the 3D film community at risk. If TPM 3D doesn't work, there's a good chance 3D cinema stay where it is for quite a while. It'll be harder for them to break out of that mold. But if Lucas can break through with this movie, then hopefully there will be someone else out there saying let's make a prequel and sequel, and soon we'll have more James Camerons out there.

  9. Okay now I want a Davros/Maul mash-up. I mean that would take care of that severe case of no longer having a bottom half Maul contracted at the end of Phantom.

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