Guest Comic By Natalie Metzger


Thank you so much for treating me so kindly while I visited your fine city, and thank you to my friends/brothers from  Cyanide & Happiness for hosting me and letting me play in there sandbox once again. I worked harder and drew more at this con than I ever have in my entire life. We, Rob Denbleyker and I, literally sketched for 9 hours a day, 4 days in a row with no more than a 15 minute break each day. My hands are sore, my brain is tired, and my heart is full of Alberta beaf… no, wait. My stomach… no, pretty sure it’s my heart. 

I hope to see you again next year, Calgary!


RE: This comic
When I was at Emerald City Comicon last month, I received the first ever piece of “post-reboot” HE fan art
(WARNING: ADORBS) from Fancy Bastard Natalie Metzger. She contacted me and offered a guest comic for my Calgary trip and I was all too happy to accept. Oh, little bottles of booze, you will surely be my undoing. You and the Great Old Ones. But mostly you.

Natalie has two webcomics going on right now: and

She also has a website/hub here:

There are some great PRINTS and POSTERS in the store. Your walls cry out for them. Appease your lamenting walls!

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  1. Are your fan comics and convention comics archived differently from the regular ones? At the start of the month, when you had a convention comic up, I tried to use the "Previous" button to see the one that had been posted the week before, and got 2013's convention comics instead. And now that there's a fan comic up, the "Previous" button takes me back to fan comics from 2013. Is that how it's supposed to work, or is there something wrong with your archive system, or with my computer?

  2. You aren't kidding about being busy. Every time I swung by your booth, the lineup was huge. I never did manage to talk to you or buy the books I was after. Oh well, next year. I did enjoy your panel.

    • Hmmm, guess its a good thing I didn't make the trip down from lac La Biche then. I really had planned to, but it would just have been to come see Joel and Rob, as this and C&H are the only webcomics I read, so it would have been a total waste if I didn't get to see them because of the lineup. As you say, maybe next year.

      • At the worst the line was about an hour wait for custom sketches. Just buying stuff didn't take long at all.

    • Well, the line wasn't for me. It was for CnH, and I was really there as a hired Sharpie for them. I didn't even bring any books. I did have prints and shirts, but I don't think I talked to more than 10 people who had any idea who I was.

      • You didn't bring any books? I don't feel so bad about not being able to get to your booth then. Well, I still would have liked to have been able to talk to you for a bit.

        • Books don't do well for me at cons, so I just stopped bringing them. You can get a signed book from my online store, though.

  3. Sad I didn't get the chance to get down from Edmonton; maybe next year!

    Ah, good ol' Alberta beef. My parents are off in southern France for a year, in arguably the culinary capital of the country (Lyon) in fact, and they love the food there . . . with the exception of the beef. Guess we really do take it for granted here in Texas North.

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