Guest Comic By Shawn Coss

“Winter Is Coming” shirts are now IN THE STORE!!! [based on this comic]

JoCo Cruise Crazy II guest week sails ever onward! Oceanward! Towards the ocean, but also IN the oceans! It’s wet!

Shawn Coss is like the 5th Beatle of Explosm in that he does his fare share of the work but gets none of the credit. As soon as those dudes start dying off he needs to slide on up in to the first vacant spot and just pretend nothing has happened. Shawn and I have shared many a convention adventure (conventure!), many a yelled conversation across a loud and terrible bar and many a stumble through the streets of this great nation’s various metropoli. He is good people. At least he seems to buy me drinks without me having to ask. He’s either good people or a dangerous and irresponsible enabler.

You can check out hisĀ macabreĀ and disturbing art HERE, and HERE. He designed some of these Cyanide and Happiness posters, but knowing those jags they probably don’t give him a cut. Maybe just give him a high five and a sorrowful glance at the next convention. He’ll be the one working just as hard, but not rolling around on a pile of Internet cash.

Hey, here’s his newest design!

COMMENTERS: All kidding about Shawn’s status in Explosm aside (they DO treat him fairly… as far as I know), who is your favorite 5th Beatle? Who’s the behind-the-scenes guy that really made a different in a creative work that you enjoy? Bear McCreary comes to mind. His music really sets the tone and atmosphere for any show he works on.

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    • Wait…You… Thought it was….. Steve Jobs? He's too busy managing the gates of Heavan, and giving out free iPad 9.0's.

      • actually, he's standing by the gates preventing people from getting in until they've bought the 'AppleCare Protection Plan" for their new Macbook that they were contractually required to buy upon receiving the ipad… (only $249.00!)

        • What is wrong with you? I hope you like your piece of crap Windows XP computer down in hell. Oh, and they don't allow you to buy norton, so you have to use the security they offer you. Which is a '98 based virus protection software that has a database of 7 known viruses!!!!!!one!!!! Have fun trying to browse this site with a modem that is basically a rat with a hanger tied to its back.

  1. I'm trying to figure out where I've seen that creature before.

    Also, I'm only getting 11 if I include eye sockets and nipples.

  2. I'm thankful I don't have to actually see any of the violating going on. One day I might actually meet Joel and I don't want to think "you look different without tentacles everywhere."

    Fuck, now I'm going to do it anyway.

    • Why woudn't you like to see Joel get violated? As one of his loyal Commentors, you MUST have sexual fantasies about him. That IS normal, right? Right? It's ok, you aren't the only one, you aren't the only one.

  3. I can only figure 9 without counting eyes, 11 if eyes are included, and 10 if eyes are not included and the lady depicted above has a handsome beard.

  4. Best 5th Beatle is the 7th Element, Spike. Except when he's Loyalty, except that it should have worked because he really would be a good substitute Dash.

    Or maybe the Elements are just speciesist.

  5. I count 9. If we're counting the belly button, as some folks seem to be doing, I get 10. 12 if we include nipples (why would we include nipples?).

      • I wouldn't count nipples as holes, but IRLJoel does have two piercing that I'm aware of … in his ears. Maybe y'all have info that I don't.

        • Have you SEEN Joel's nipples? They are his source of power. He tweeks his nipples and BAM!!!!!! We get a new comic. Also, his nipples update his facebook status with the power of their individual minds.

          YOUR MIND= BLOWN.

          • You need to not be thinking about things like this…when you're alone…in front of the internet…without pants…you get my drift?

  6. Calrissian is the fifth Beatle. Luke's the idiot farmboy, Leia's the stuck-up cheerleader, Han and Chewie are the jock buddies. Lando is the only one who actually does any planning ahead – the others just stumble from disaster to disaster, living in the moment.

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