C2E2 2011 Fancy Sketches Part 1


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I had an amazing time in Chicago. Special thanks to my boothmates Randy, David and Danielle. By our powers combined, we were… able to afford the booth. And have fun. And sell things to people. Some of whom were in costume. It was good times. Chicago welcomed us into its hefty, meaty bosom and bathed us in the deepest of dished pizzas and the greenest of beers (it was St. Patty’s Day weekend, which is apparently Chicago’s Christmas). Despite these kindnesses, it also offered us this cruel joke of an abominable bastardized hot dog. Where was the chili? The shredded cheese? Has the city no sense? It was like a wet salad was gunned down Robocop style near a hot dog that wasn’t finished being made. I will let it slide this time, Chicago, but I expect you to correct this error in hotdoggery before I return in 12 months time.

I was very pleased to get to spend so much time with my friends from Least I Could Do and Cyanide and Happiness during this trip. Along with Danielle, we all participated in the single greatest panel I have ever been a part of. It was a solid hour of laughs and good times. The audio will be posted as the nest HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast for those that are interested in receiving enjoyment through the ears.

I hope you enjoy these book sketches in place of a comic. There will be more of them tomorrow.

COMMENTERS: It’s up to you this time. I’m still recovering from the trip and am not yet of sound enough mind to… with… stuff. Exactly. So feel free to talk about the convention, or other stuff, or ham. Ham is always good.

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    • Portillios is indeed a fine establishment, but if you are looking for truely glorious things in hotdoggery you must take the time to visit http://www.hotdougs.com/ I waited an hour in line there to feast on a bacon and chedder elk sausage, it was worth every second.

    • Lets see… we went to a place across the street from Girodinos that had great BarBQue. We went to Gio's or Gino's West Pizza joint (Whatever its called). Food was great but the server was… troubled. We went to the Grand Lux Cafe which is a just a Cheesecake factory but everything we ate was FANTASTIC. Not sure where else we went. Me and David had Mcdonalds one morning.

  1. BINGO! I wasn't a Rose fan either. She was just a Russel T Davies Mary-Sue, for him to live his fantasies through. God, she was so annoying. He gave her god-like powers, made her perfect, made the Doctor pine for her. Christ, it was worse than some of the shitty 10/rose fanfics you find haunting the haven of whiny Tennant fangirls known as LIvejournal.
    Much preferred Donna. Now she was a fun companion… see companion, not love interest, or Mary Sue for RTD to write his dreams through.
    Though, I am very partial to Amy Pond… or even two Amy Ponds (like from the recent mini-episodes from the UK)

    • I f*ing hated Rose (and she does have a rat face)! Just the fact that the handsome doctor loved her made me hate her even more (I'm a girl, David Tennant = hot). I liked Martha and Donna, and I love Amy!

      • Same here. I actually kind of rushed through the first two seasons so I wouldn't have to watch her and her rat face anymore. She was so whiny and clingy and I just couldn't stand her, let alone see what the Doctor saw in her. Donna was okay, and I really liked Martha, but Amy's definitely my favorite!

        • I really liked Rose! She was a bit chavvy, and a bit of a Mary-Sue, but I still liked her. Although she had much more chemistry with Ecclestone than Tennant (I preferred Eccleston for the most part). Martha was like a block of wood, but Donna was my favourite.

          But yeah most people say Rose has got a bit of trout pout going on. Haven't seen enough Amy to know how well I like her.

          BTW LOVED this Joel.

          • I really liked Rose too…and I'm not sure I'd say she had a rat face, though the talking through her bottom teeth got on my nerves sometimes. But, even if she did kind of have a rat face, it's only fitting. I mean…Look at the man playing the Doctor that found her. My friends and I have nicknames for the Doctors of the reboot, so we'll have conversations like:
            "I was watching Who last night."
            "Which one: Rat Face, Pretty Boy, or Lurch?"

  2. OMG, you and Least I Can Do… I think that about fulfills my happiest (and geekiest) online comix fantasy. Rayne vs. Josh… hahahahahahaha!

  3. Got a text and pic from my friend Andy (who you did a sketch/signature in his copy of your book) ranting about how much of a nice guy you are. Bla bla bla!!

    Juuust kidding. He really *did* rant about your demeanor, though. Did you offer him steak and blowjobs?

    PS: most English have rat faces

    Oh my god, it's a joke, Britain!

  4. Well, I think one reason RTD made her a Chav, well the female version is a Chavette, (Chave being male) is because they are so common in the UK, they're the poster child of the lower-middle working class of the UK. No matter where you go in the UK, be it the north or the south, you'll have Chavs.

  5. Angel reference ftw, and you have his caveman brow down to perfection. Though I think Spike is the one more likely to call Sparkle-butt (I can never remember his name) a knob. 🙂

  6. Hey, C2E2 was my second big con, and the first one where I got to sit in on a couple of panels. Saturdays Webcomic roundup was pretty darn funny, and I walked out with a couple of good pieces of advice as well. (common sense not withstanding) 1st bit was, " If you want to do something, stop talking about it and DO IT already." And B; check your tweets before you send out a link.
    (new comic… Looking for Link) =P

  7. "it also offered us this cruel joke of an abominable bastardized hot dog."

    Blasphemer! I demand satisfaction! You sir, have impugned the honor of my city's nitrate filled tubed meats! Do you also commit the egregious sin of putting ketchup on it too? Ugh…

  8. Ha! He put up my request for a B5 crushes DS9 sketch. Well, he diiiid say that he liked DS9 more…

    It will all end in Fire!

  9. Best part of reading this one: Just as the page flipped over, I saw Angel's face… I hadn't read anything, hadn't looked at anything else, I just knew.
    That, Joel, is fine drawing skills!

  10. Team Donna!

    I always thought Rose's face resembled a horse actually … She kinda has a Mr. Ed quality about her smile.

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