Whatever Dad… I’m Outta Here

Baltimore Comic-Con was an amazing success! Thanks to everyone that came out to say hi and show their support for the comic. I knew a handful of Fancy Bastards were going to be at the show, but I had NO IDEA so many of you less vocal/non-commenting types would be there. I sold almost all of the books I brought and a ton of T-shirts (Groverfield was a smash hit).

Special thanks to @mechamenchi for being my right hand man all weekend, and to @mutant_enemy127 for helping out on Sunday. I really couldn’t have done so well without the help I received from these guys.

In addition to talking with a good number of long term FB’s, I think I managed to win over quite a few new recruits for the cause. The unbelievably positive response I got from complete strangers that had never heard of HE until the con was unexpected to say the least.

Additional thank you’s go to Danielle Corsetto for being my “big webcomic sister,” Jessi for helping to wrangle Danielle all weekend, Brent Corsetto for being genuinely kind and uncommonly awesome, every FB that came to the reader meet-up and made me feel so appreciated, everyone that bought a book, and especially to FB Adam and his wife for their overwhelming generosity and kindness.

Now GORGE YOURSELVES on con pics, books sketches, cosplayers and PETE FROM 30 ROCK!

[this comic is taken from a sketch commissioned at the con by @mutant_enemy127.]

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  1. Incredibly jealous of all the FBs that were able to make it out, but I am glad it was a good time had all around.

    Awesome that you sold so many books, too!

  2. Looking through the photos, (obligatory WELL HELO THERE-comment for the pretty cosplayer boy goes here because I have no shame) seems you had awesome time and rocked the book-sketches! I am so happy the con was a success, keep the fancy up!


  3. Gods damn it, I wish I could have been there. Had I been on the same *continent* even, I would have made an effort. Oh, well. Awesome photos and sketches; can hardly wait for my copy of the book…

  4. I'm so glad I could be there to help Joel. You are a genuinely cool guy and I'd be delighted to assist you again in the future.

    P.S – it's @mechamenchi no underscore

  5. I'm the one that mutant_enemy127 got this for and I just wanted to give you my official thanks! I've greatly enjoyed your webcomic but have a tad bit of an adoration for the Aliens series so have especially cracked up whenever they showed up.

    I'm still snerking over this and am trying to decide how best to display the original on my wall. Thank you so much for my awesome emolien!

    Maybe next time I'll try to come with mutant_enemy127 to the con. It sounded like so much fun, I'm a little bit envious. ;D

  6. I'm so glad I went to the con, I had an amazing time hanging out w/ you and menchi. I was more than happy to help you out at your booth, you're an awesome guy and honestly my top favorite comic and I'm with mench that I would be more than delighted in helping you if you come back this way again.

    As you can see from above, my friend really liked the sketch you did for her and was surprised when I told her you were using it as today's comic.

    Glad you enjoyed your con experience and hope you were able to make some cash too.

  7. Just wanted to say this on this particular comic that I was one of the apparently many who wandered past the table at BCC and had to double back to demand a Groverfield shirt. Since then I have sported it quite a few times, always with comments and compliments (it does make my ta-ta's look great , on top of just being awesome) but I kinda lost track of the cards that I was given for the site. I came across it one day and read the entire site from oldest to newest in a very short period of time. Thank you. Thank you for giving me, and continuing to give me a fucking incredible laugh. I'm going to purchase your book and keep it at work for the bad days.

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