Whatever Dad… I’m Outta Here
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Whatever Dad… I’m Outta Here

Baltimore Comic-Con was an amazing success! Thanks to everyone that came out to say hi and show their support for the comic. I knew a handful of Fancy Bastards were going to be at the show, but I had NO IDEA so many of you less vocal/non-commenting types would be there. I sold almost all of the books I brought and a ton of T-shirts (Groverfield was a smash hit).

Special thanks to @mechamenchi for being my right hand man all weekend, and to @mutant_enemy127 for helping out on Sunday. I really couldn’t have done so well without the help I received from these guys.

In addition to talking with a good number of long term FB’s, I think I managed to win over quite a few new recruits for the cause. The unbelievably positive response I got from complete strangers that had never heard of HE until the con was unexpected to say the least.

Additional thank you’s go to Danielle Corsetto for being my “big webcomic sister,” Jessi for helping to wrangle Danielle all weekend, Brent Corsetto for being genuinely kind and uncommonly awesome, every FB that came to the reader meet-up and made me feel so appreciated, everyone that bought a book, and especially to FB Adam and his wife for their overwhelming generosity and kindness.

Now GORGE YOURSELVES on con pics, books sketches, cosplayers and PETE FROM 30 ROCK!

[this comic is taken from a sketch commissioned at the con by @mutant_enemy127.]

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