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The only thing I know for sure about Twilight: Breaking Dawn is that the director own’s one of my Team Edward shirts, because his partner bought it for him at Comic-Con this year. He was a nice guy (the partner, never met the director) and apparently he bought most of the BSG props when they went up for auction. I’m talking hatch doors, the CIC table, the phones, the computers, everything. So that’s pretty neat.

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COMMENTERS: What scene in any movie has really surprised you with how uncomfortable it made you feel? Doesn’t have to be horror or gore. Just anything that was completely out of place, over the top or beyond the boundaries established earlier in the film.

C2E2 2011 Fancy Sketches Part 1


Ewok Stare Shirt

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I had an amazing time in Chicago. Special thanks to my boothmates Randy, David and Danielle. By our powers combined, we were… able to afford the booth. And have fun. And sell things to people. Some of whom were in costume. It was good times. Chicago welcomed us into its hefty, meaty bosom and bathed us in the deepest of dished pizzas and the greenest of beers (it was St. Patty’s Day weekend, which is apparently Chicago’s Christmas). Despite these kindnesses, it also offered us this cruel joke of an abominable bastardized hot dog. Where was the chili? The shredded cheese? Has the city no sense? It was like a wet salad was gunned down Robocop style near a hot dog that wasn’t finished being made. I will let it slide this time, Chicago, but I expect you to correct this error in hotdoggery before I return in 12 months time.

I was very pleased to get to spend so much time with my friends from Least I Could Do and Cyanide and Happiness during this trip. Along with Danielle, we all participated in the single greatest panel I have ever been a part of. It was a solid hour of laughs and good times. The audio will be posted as the nest HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast for those that are interested in receiving enjoyment through the ears.

I hope you enjoy these book sketches in place of a comic. There will be more of them tomorrow.

COMMENTERS: It’s up to you this time. I’m still recovering from the trip and am not yet of sound enough mind to… with… stuff. Exactly. So feel free to talk about the convention, or other stuff, or ham. Ham is always good.

Luna Nueva

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Many of you who follow me on Twitter know that we had a family medical emergency with our daughter on Monday and we spent most of the evening in the ER. Everyone is fine now, and I want to thank you all for the outpouring of well wishes and kind words. It really helped me through one of the worst nights of my life.
So… yeah, I don’t think I need to really go into detail about my opinions on

Twilight: New Moon: I’m pretty sure you all know how I feel. Just enjoy the comic for what it’s worth and let us think of more pleasant things. Of vampires that don’t sparkle and do have fangs.

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A “Buffy” Movie without Joss Whedon? I will simply state that I am not in favor of this idea. But, I am self aware enough to admit that I am not an unbiased observer and am probably unable to render an wholly  objective opinion on the subject. That is why I will gladly leave it up to you to read through this copious amount of bipartisan material:

then deliver judgment on the matter in the comments.

Now since I’m not commenting on whether or not it’s a good idea (it’s a fraking terrible idea), I do want to delve into the reasons why this issue has surfaced. The company that owns the film rights to the Buffster (which is NOT Mutant Enemy) is probably represeted by people that A) have eyes B) have wallets and C) desire to fill said wallets with something other than coleslaw… let’s say money. So they can undoubtably see that the nation’s youth is going through a “vampire phase” brought on by the “Twilight” series of  books and movies. They think, “Kids like the vampires and we have a vampire property ripe for rebootification!” What they may not realize is that “Twilight” borrows so heavily from “Buffy” that to remake “Buffy” based on the success of “Twilight” is like remaking “Teen Wolf” based on the success of “Teen Wolf Too.” It’s a fucking paradox. Buffy would be its own grandpa! The snake would eat its own tail and eventually shit out its own face! I think my metaphor got a little out of hand, but you get the idea.

30 Days of Twilight

A zombie’s motivation is always so clear and direct. That’s why they make great characters in young adult fantasy fiction.

I don’t know much about Twilight (the books or the movie) so I won’t make any sweeping judgments other than to say it seems like something I wouldn’t be all that interested in. I like my vampires combustible and be-fanged and from what I’ve read, Twilight’s are neither.

I’m always facinated by what captures the imaginations of the nation’s youth. These mega-trends (Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc) tend to spawn countless imitators that try to capitalize off their success. Though the Twilight series will never reach Harry Potter numbers, the franchise is doing quite well with far less in the way of originality and writing talent (again, this is just what I’ve read) than it’s wizzardly contemporary. The movie isn’t even out and the soundtrack has already topped the charts. I guess you could argue that twilight is banking on the Potter-starved masses to gravitate towards anything with young characters and fantasy elements. I wonder if Harry Potter opened their eyes to the great works of fantasy that were already available (Tolkien) or just opened the gates for dumbed down teen-pire love stories.

Regardless, I really like drawing zombies.