C2E2 2011 Fancy Sketches Part 2

Ewok Stare Shirt

If you preordered HE Book 2, please read the updated shipping times on THIS PAGE.

Here are some more nice pieces of paper which were ruined by me at C2E2 2011. I hope you enjoy them.

COMMENTERS: It’s up to you this time. I’m still recovering from the trip and am not yet of sound enough mind to… with… stuff. Exactly. So feel free to talk about the convention, or other stuff, or ham. Ham is always good.

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  1. Will GIR go to Mount Doomy Doomy Doom on his little piggy? He loves his little piggy! And tacos! GIR NEED TACOOOOOS!!!!

  2. Alright, so, like, check THIS out! You know your DNA, right? That spiraly stuff that CSI units have to put on sunglasses to find as someone yells?
    Well, turns out most of it is junk that comes from ancient viruses. Now by junk, I don't mean YOUR junk, I mean that we just don't know what it does. Until now!
    Looks like one of those viruses made it possible for babies to bypass the mother's immune system and attatch to the uteran wall. Which means that millions and millions of years ago, a lizard got an STD that turned it into a mammal!
    Thanks to dirty, unsafe, iguana-sex, you don't have to break out of an egg to be born! We can only imagine what extraordinary evolutionary leaps will take place when Dave Willis finds a way to finally f**k Dinobot.

    • Great – now I can't see from the tears of laughter, and I just snorted all over my keyboard. Oh, and the WHOLE OFFICE is wondering where the oliphaunt noises are coming from!
      Well done, Steve. I hope you're proud of yourself.

  3. I'm cool talking about ham, or pork products in general. But, how can you not like Chicago hot dogs? Next year someone needs to take you to Hot Dougs and get a mouthful of good tube meat.

  4. There absolutely needs to be more Invader Zim EVERYWHERE. More shows, more *stuff*, more in life… everywhere.

    Wait… I nee-eed stu-u-u-uff.

  5. Sweet! The one he did for me is up here! THough afterwards, I realized I should have asked for one of Jayne making out with Josh, not Vera.

  6. oh oh make a song that with the only lyics “ooooooOOOOOOOoooooooOoO Nathan Fillion” and the goup that made it could be called Tudyk Sause….ah nevermind i see it is lamesause now

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