With apologies to the baby Jesus

In closing out “ought and seven,” I wanted to give my readers (you lot) a present. This comic pretty much sums up what Christmas means to me. Family, and togetherness, Eli with beer, and Ameria, and Truthiness, and Tron, and LOL Cats and the dark side of the Force. Yep, that is exactly what Christmas means to me.

So, you’ve been good boys and girls. On to your present. Here’s the above comic in nice downloadable desktop wallpaper format. I’ve done one large 4:3 aspect and one large wide aspect. Not sure what dimensions are really popular these days but I assume most of you know how to edit an image to a desired side. So pick square-ish or retangulish and have at it. MERRY SOMETHING WHATEVER!!!

Webcomic desktop wallpaper - Hijinks Ensue - Geek Nativity 2007

1920X1200 (wide)

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  1. @Amber
    Why havent I dont that yet? No idea. I swear to Joshesus its on the list.

    Glad you approve.

    You dont need words when you have the christmas spirit!

    Wow. Talk about minimal effort. Im going to make a shirt that says “Time Magazine is Gay.” Or Maybe “Time Magazine comes up with shitty tshirt slogans.” The last ones a little long.

    “You there! Boy! What day is it?”
    “Why, its christmas eve you stupid bastard”
    “Then there’s still time!”

    I dont know where I was going with that.

    I think next year Im going to draw you in Ralphie’s “Pink Nightmare” suit.

    It was a tough call, but I think we’ve all seen enough of Tron Guy’s Man-mel Toe.

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