If Loving You is Wrong…

Dear Readers, Here is my St. Valentine’s Day present to you:

A Valentine’s card of today’s comic you print out, inscribe with proclamations of love and give to your sweet heart. Just don’t give this to your twin sibling. They might get the wrong idea.


(1.5mb – Print this out landscape style on 8.5 x 11 paper and fold it over to complete the romantic magic)

UPDATE: There’s a better version HERE. The margins are a bit off on the original.

You can also partake in one of these lovely desktop backgrounds, presented in both sqaurely and rectangulish formats: [removed since updated versions are in The Vault]

My Macworld (MWSF) 2008 Keynote Predictions. Boom!

¬†Macworld San Francisco is next week. I’ve learned from years of Apple fandom to aim for the middle with my predictions. Take every rumor on the internet, rate them from 1-10 on how bad you want them, then throw out everything above a 7. Those will be saved for Xmas or next year.

I bet we get:

  • iphone SDK + apps already available from certain developers through iTunes
  • iTunes Rentals
  • Updated Macbook Pro line, but not sub notebook. Maybe a 13″ Macbook sized MBP. Possibly solid state.
  • 16GB iPhone, but no 3g and no 2nd gen iPhone
  • 32GB iTouch
  • No Classic or Nano updates
  • And I think we will get a true “One more thing” this time. Something we aren’t expecting at all. Possibly a new focus for the Apple TV.

Please post your predictions and speculations in the comments.

In case you missed it the first time around, here’s the “iPhantom Zone” iPhone wallpaper from this comic. You can see it in action here, and download it by clicking the image below.


Alien Vs. Predator: A Bun in the Oven

Since the movie is actually titled “Alien vs. Predator: Requiem” I really wanted to do a “Requiem for a Dream” comic, but I already blew my wad on that reference (or was it my “stash”).

Eli actually saw this movie. I did not. There’s something about purposefully submitting to suffering that doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a self preservation thing. He was in some sort of focus group, so they passed out questionnaire cards for everyone to fill out. Judging from the questions, he was not in their target demographic.

Sample questions:

1) How fucking bad ass was this fucking alien movie and shit?
a) Super fucking bad ass
b) Re-god-damned-badass-diculous

2) Which part of the movie was the most awesome?
a) The explosion(s)
b) The Alien
c) The Predator
d) There were parts?
e) This was a movie?
f) Fuck yeah!
g) The (other) explosion(s)

3) If we keep making movies like this will you keep giving us money?
a) Super fucking bad ass
b) Hell(z) yeah
c) Dude, let me ask my momz…. HELLZ2THaYEAH!

I hope you all are enjoying 2008 thus far. My wife and I rang in the new whatever at Eli’s with cheese dip, and ribs and Pictionary. Regarding pictionary: if the clue is “Puff Daddy” and your drawing elicits the response “Smoke Father,” you should win the whole game right then and there.

Here’s a desktop of the last panel. Enjoy!

Webcomic desktop wallpaper - Hijinks Ensue - Alien vs Predator




1920X1200 (wide)

With apologies to the baby Jesus

In closing out “ought and seven,” I wanted to give my readers (you lot) a present. This comic pretty much sums up what Christmas means to me. Family, and togetherness, Eli with beer, and Ameria, and Truthiness, and Tron, and LOL Cats and the dark side of the Force. Yep, that is exactly what Christmas means to me.

So, you’ve been good boys and girls. On to your present. Here’s the above comic in nice downloadable desktop wallpaper format. I’ve done one large 4:3 aspect and one large wide aspect. Not sure what dimensions are really popular these days but I assume most of you know how to edit an image to a desired side. So pick square-ish or retangulish and have at it. MERRY SOMETHING WHATEVER!!!

Webcomic desktop wallpaper - Hijinks Ensue - Geek Nativity 2007

1920X1200 (wide)