In this comic Eli’s name is “E-Rex”

Joel’s is “Jomiceiomimus.” Josh’s name is still “Josh.”

“Utah Josh” or “Josh Raptor” just doesn’t sound right.

If you read the comic and you’re all, “Gwah?” proceed immediately to for an explanation.
I’ve said it before, but I REALLY enjoy me some Dinosaur Comics. Thanks to Ryan North for putting up with this.

“Gwah” sounds like how a guy from Boston would say “Gwar.”

“Hey, fellas. Yah wahnna’ go see Gwah? They’re playing at a bah’ near Hahvid Yahd. We can take my cah. Friggin’ sweat.”

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  1. @Josh/Eli hybrid

    Ok, wait… Eli hates me, but Eli IS Josh? Is this an M. Knight movie? Is one of you scared of water?

    How was the salisbury steak pizza?

  2. This comic could have had no text in it and it would still have made me laugh, just from the HE characters posed like the dinosaurs from Qwantz.

    Also, you should hook us up with a blank for this one.

  3. Okay, seriously…some of us are actually FROM Massachusetts, and guess what we get totally sick of.

    Give up?

    People talking about freakin “Hahvid Yahd.” Seriously, you assholes get off the plane and start giggling your stupid faces right off with that shit. The walls of Logan must hear that a thousand times a day.

    Also, most people in Boston aren’t from Boston, they’re from elsewhere and then moved to the big city, so many of us don’t have the accent.

    Consider yourself educated. =)

  4. @Dean
    Read Dino Comics. After the shock of weirdness wares off you’ll love it.
    And, it was lots. Lots of tacos.

    I hadnt planned on doing any more remixes for the time being, but I think youre right. This one is probably a good candidate.

    You’re Right! “Hahvid” is tonnes funnier than “Hah’vud.” I’ll fix it.
    I guess it’s also true that not everyone from Boston has a short fuse.
    I wouldnt know anything about regional stereotypes, being from Texas and all. Thanks for the awareness training. Now ya’ll better leave me to my horses and oil derricks. This 10 gallon hat isnt going to wear the shit out of itself!

  5. oh my god i don’t believe i let eli use my laptop last night. who knows how much damaged he might have done.

    and the salisbury steak was great

  6. “Ive heard otherwise about your culinary disasterpiece. I heard it was gross and ended up mostly in the trash.”


    That didn’t come from me.

  7. You are missing the ALT-Text! I can’t even begin to think of a comment for the rest of the comic until you remember the ALT-Text!

    • believe me, i know. The WordPress theme I use doesnt allow alt-text on comics because it adds them to the post in a super secret way. Im so ashamed.

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