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[Sorry for the lack of color in the comic. I have to be at a convention in a few hours and I very much need to be asleep for exactly all few of those aforementioned hours.]

FINALLY! Science debunks at least SOMETHING about the flawless science in Jurassic Park. I knew there had to be a hole in that airtight “we injected dinorsaur blood into frogs or whatever OH SHIT RAPTORS FOREVER WE’RE ALL DEAD!” plot. Despite these new findings, I am pretty certain the movie got one thing exactly right. A Triceratops (which may or may not have actually been a real thing) takes a HUGE shit.

If you are waiting on a sketch from the Fancy Sketch Drive, I am working on them all weekend while at the con and will be shipping out a whole heeping ton of them next week. Sorry for the delay. 100+ commissioned drawings was an ambitious undertaking.

If you are waiting on a Lil’ Wil Wheaton Plushie, I have received word that they are on schedule to begin shipping in November. More info as I know…fo.

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  1. The ” science” of jurassic park has always annoyed the hell out of me. I don't mind bad science in a story, mind you, Chrighton is just so bloody smug about how clever he is that one wants punch him. Repeatedly.

  2. Why do people want to bring back dinosaurs so badly anyway? Im pretty sure the giant murder lizards wouldnt take to captivity all that well, and ever since we found out that a lot of them had feathers, it kinda took a lot of the coolness away. I know the raptors could still tear me to pieces like nothing, but its just less threatening knowing that they look like ticked off peacocks.

    • I dunno – I thought the feathers became cool again when paleontologists speculated that raptors used those adorable little wings to keep their balance as they stood atop their still-living prey, hacking it to bits with those scythe-like claws on their hind feet as they tore gobbets loose with their mouthfulls of razor-sharp fangs…

      – @JonS253

  3. the fact that you prioritized triceratops shit over DNA functionality tells me, that you sir, are truly from the internet

    but that's one huge pile of shit

  4. Eli was kind of on the right track with the porn – what he really needed to do was get some Turkish Delight Tim Tams. Those things will make anything want to get down with anything. – @BenMS

    For some reason I'm logged in for comments here as @undefined, and it looks like I'm not the only one.

  5. Triceratops was real; the name has priority, and, if not, I’m possitive the big guys in charge of nomenclature rules would make up a rule in the spot and keep the name around (Brontosaurus has been out of use in actual science since freaking 1900, so it wouldn’t be saved). What fully grown Triceratops looked like would be the thing that changes, and I really like how the animal would change as it grew up. But the media did a real poor job with that; after all, the fact that gorillas turn into silverbacks doesn’t make gorillas something that doesn’t exist just because they turn into silverbacks with age…

    Pardon the wall of text, but that misinformed view on the awesome ongoing Trike debate that the media made popular is a real thorn in my side.

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