Fan Days Dallas 2012 Fancy Sketch

Fan Days Dallas was a good time. Thanks to everyone that came out and bought a thing or a sketch or whatever. It’s nice to be able to do a show near home and sleep in my own bed.

This particular artistic atrocity came from a reader asking for “mad science” themed drawings for his sketch book. He didn’t quite know what to make of it when I handed it over. He gave me this look that simultaneously said “What?” and “Why? Why would you?” Then his voice said those things as well. I’m not sure what Josh has intended for the double pig butt or what he did with the discarded front halves. Perhaps they’re sewn together in the other room, screaming… squealing… in perfect porcine harmony.


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  1. That makes perfect sense for Josh – the highest quality bacon comes from the back legs, apparently. The man is truly a genius!

    • You obviously have never had jowl bacon. The meth of porcine bacon goodness. I will now eat any animals face and or underneck region.

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