How Sparks McGee Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Mars Curiosity Rover

Podcast Episode 86 “Oh No! Promotheus!” is live.

Fine citizens, as you enjoy your hotted dogs, hamburger sandwiches and frisbee tossings and such on this finest of Labored Days, please also enjoy this Fancy Sketch filler art situation! Actual illustrated comic’d jocularities to resume POST HASTE!

If you are unfamiliar with the legend of Sparks McGee, then you may  attempt to enjoy this sketch (which was originally commissioned by Fancy Bastard Marijn R. during the Fancy Sketch Drive) by knowing only that it depicts Wesley Crusher in a cowboy hat and aviators riding the Mars Curiosity Rover. See? Fun abounds.

If you with to know more about young Ensign McGee, then I suggest you read Wil’s explanation of his origins, and Sparks’s continuing adventures.  For the totally uninitiated who find themselves far too busy to click links and read words, Sparks McGee is Wesley Crusher’s cocky alter ego who always gets the girl, always saves the day and always puts the adults in their place. If Captain Picard gives him a sideways glance, he tells that bald bastard EXACTLY where he can stick his Ressikan Flute.


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  1. Hey Joel, I spent the last couple of weeks reading ALL your comics and posts with 'em. Do you appreciate having a new reader? I'm probably your biggest means of keeping oneself cool.

  2. W00t! My brain melted while the image was loading (which took weirdly longer than usual as I’ve got teh lightspeed internets, must have been for dramatic effect).
    Excuse me while I go spam my Twitter about this…

  3. Wesley: Captain Picard? I'm sorry to disturb you, but I need some help with my space calculus.

    Picard: Wesley… What is the difference between the chief medical officer on this ship and the prime directive?

    Wesley: I don't see how tha-

    Picard: Come now, Wesley. Answer the question. What is the difference between your mother and the prime directive?

    Wesley: I don't know, sir.

    Picard: I've never violated the prime directive.

    Wesley: o.o

    Picard: 😉

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