How Sparks McGee Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Mars Curiosity Rover

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Fine citizens, as you enjoy your hotted dogs, hamburger sandwiches and frisbee tossings and such on this finest of Labored Days, please also enjoy this Fancy Sketch filler art situation! Actual illustrated comic’d jocularities to resume POST HASTE!

If you are unfamiliar with the legend of Sparks McGee, then you may  attempt to enjoy this sketch (which was originally commissioned by Fancy Bastard Marijn R. during the Fancy Sketch Drive) by knowing only that it depicts Wesley Crusher in a cowboy hat and aviators riding the Mars Curiosity Rover. See? Fun abounds.

If you with to know more about young Ensign McGee, then I suggest you read Wil’s explanation of his origins, and Sparks’s continuing adventures.  For the totally uninitiated who find themselves far too busy to click links and read words, Sparks McGee is Wesley Crusher’s cocky alter ego who always gets the girl, always saves the day and always puts the adults in their place. If Captain Picard gives him a sideways glance, he tells that bald bastard EXACTLY where he can stick his Ressikan Flute.


Dare All The Things!

My home air conditioner died last week (and Texas has decided to be even more of a giant demon-asshole than usual with temps WELL over 100 for the last few weeks) and it’s $5400 to replace. To that end, there are 50 more custom Fancy Sketches available and all donations in August will go straight to the AC fund. Your help and support in this time of RIDICULOUS SWELTERING BULLSHIT is much appreciated. Read more HERE and see some of the recent Fancy Sketches HERE.

So how’s about that triumph of the human spirit and what not last night? Pretty impressive indeed. And what about those hairdos in the control room? There was “Fancy Blond Pompadour” and “Original Gangster NASA Hippie Beard” and WHO COULD FORGET “Emo Brohawk Star Head”? I mean, sure we sent a nuclear space truck 160 million miles through the vacuum of space, landed it safely on another planet and received pictures back from it moments later, but HOW DID HE GET THOSE TINY YELLOW STARS ON HIS HEAD?! Science: how does it work, amirite?

Joking and silly haircuts aside, GOD DAMN was that ever an impressive feat of human ingenuity! Why is it again that we don’t just let the nerds run everything and solve all the world’s problems? How exactly are the popular, rich, jock assholes still in charge? Can’t we just make a giant space robot and all get inside it and be like, “Hey assholes! Cut it out with the only caring about your own personal wealth and power and stop catering to the most ignorant and fearful by by limiting the civil rights of certain people or we’ll blast you with our massive laser arm cannon!”

My only regret is that NASA didn’t refer to this mission as “Operation Get Ya Ass Ta Mars.” What a wasted opportunity. Still, it warms my heart to see a bunch of nerds science a thing into space just so humanity as whole can be smarter. It’s nice to see millions of dollars being spent on an endeavor that won’t earn anyone millions of dollars. The wealth we’ll gain from this mission is intangible and immeasurable. I can’t wait to see the photo of the first human on Mars standing next to the broken down hull of the Curiosity. That is, assuming we don’t stop space exploration all together before then or just completely blow ourselves up.

COMMENTERS: Did you watch the Mars Curiosity landing? What are your feelings on the current state of and potential future of space exploration? Did you see that one professional science doer with the mohawk and the head stars? What was up with that?

What Happens On The Moon…

Buzz Aldrin doesn’t want us to see what he’s got hidden on The Moon. Is it the corpse of the lost 4th Apollo astronaut? Is it his alien love child, left to mature on the harsh lunar surface only the return to Earth and seek vengeance on his human father when he has come of age? Or did he simply pee his name in the moon dust? Well, if we don’t go back, we’ll never know. Remember what that guy with the head said, “We do these things, not because they are easy. But, because they are wicked awesome.” TO THE  EMMER EFFING MOON!

As of this posting there are only about 15 Ultimate Fancy Editions left!


Agua No Potable

I was trying to work the word “MARSgarita” into this comic. I think I’m pretty dead on with my predictions for the fate of the red planet. All’s I’m saying is if space had a South, Mars would be South of Earth. Check back with me in 50 years and let’s see if I’m right.

Maybe a “Border Dome” that encapsulates Earth could prevent the influx of cheap, skilled Martian labor. How else might Mars be like Mexico? You tell me.

**Context Clues**

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