A Well-Reasoned Argument

UPDATE: This comic was somehow turned into a shirt by space wizards with laser swords!


Ewok Stare Shirt

This idea has been stuck in my brain hole for a couple of months. I had to purge it lest I spend another night waking up in cold sweats screaming, “THE EWOKS! THEY ARE LIKE CARE BEARS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I CAN TASTE INSANITY AND IT TASTES LIKE SUNNY D!”

So, enjoy if you can. Otherwise wait and there will be another comic in it’s place eventually.

Here’s some news about the new Jedi-Free “Star Wars” TV Show.

UPDATE: There’s a desktop based on this comic in The Vault now


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  1. I think that that was the end to the super retouched "Mega Ultimate Super Ultra Edition" that came out a few years back. It also shows the Emperor as a kid. Really good stuff.

  2. The comic is great, but it's Joel's expression in the last panel that's absofuckinglutely marvelously perfect. Much as I love your annoyed-Joel avatar, this is now my favorite Joelface in all of Hijinksity.

  3. Inspired idea! And I'm with Eli.

    I really like how the explosion (and the way the trees) was drawn. It looks so… organic, like watercolor on paper. Didn't know you could do that with a digital pen 🙂

    • Care Bears would have kicked ass if Dark Heart actually had been Darth Vader…..although the show would have been over after the first episode slaughter of all the care bears.

  4. How about we reserve judgement on this new STAR WARS show until we see athe 1st episode, or @ least a more detailed preview? But yeah, ewoks are just too cute.
    Joel, I like how u said Insanity tastes like SunnyD. Maybe it was just for you, because mine tastes like A1 steak sauce! I shudder to think of the evil Care Bears are capable of. What would Stephen Colbert say about that?

  5. I really wished there had been more Ewok dismemberment in Jedi. Blaster holes in their little furry chests. OMG their bleeding rainbow everywhere, get a tourniquet! MEDIC!!

  6. Personally I think the Care Bears are overdue for an update themselves. For our more media-savvy and cynical age, I suggest the "Like-I-Care" Bears.

    I'll be Snarky Bear. Who else is with me?

  7. I swear to God that when I saw this, I started freaking out and calling my friend so I could be like "Lucas is making some fucking stupid change to the end of RotJ!!!" And then I realized it was just you having a laugh.

    Scary, though, that the scenario seems so plausible…

  8. This dovetails quite nicely with my own theory that the Care Bears were LSD dealers. Think about it, they do a countdown and all of a sudden bright lights are everywhere. I've held onto this for years and only shared it with a trusted few. But with this, the time has come to spread the word.

    Care Bears love acid.

  9. I laughed so hard at this comic that my husband came in the room to see what was wrong. He didn't get it.

    Every one of your strips I want to send to someone but I can never think of anyone that has the right variety of geekiness. Apparently I need new friends.

  10. omg, epic! the ewoks, insanity, sounds very much coming from this! yeah, they do look abit like care bears 😛

  11. I just watched this for the first time this weekend (I know, don’t judge) and that was my first thought when this happened 😛 Great minds, I tell ya!

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