Wheaton Comic Dare: We Have To Go Back!

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You guys know the Weaton Comic Dare drill by now. He dared, Stepto jumped in, I responded and did my cartoonistly duty. Everybody wins. This comic hits a little too close to home. The home which I never leave. The home in which I rarely change out of my pajamas. The very same home where I go to bed at 7am and start my day around 3m. This is a weird job. Freelancers know what I’m talking about. Putting on pants just causes problems. Like having to know where pants are, or how to clean them. Serious problems.

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My desire to prevent my friends from being dissappointed by LOST is the same as Lord Elrond’s desire to save his daughter Arwen from toiling in a mortal life only to die, when eternal paradise is only a boat ride away. The irony is he WANTED her to go the island. I’m trying to keep as many people off the Island as possible. It’s not that there was NOTHING to enjoy about LOST. In fact the first 3.5 seasons are some of the finest TV that’s every been TV’d. The problem is the steeeeeeeep drop in quality halfway through the 3rd season that just continually plummets to a dismal and unsatisfying conclusion. If you have the willpower (and most don’t) to watch the first 3.5 seasons then pretend it was cancelled, you might end up being the happiest geek alive. All of your questions will still never be answered, but at least you don’t have to experience the half-hearted nonsense of the back half of the show.

COMMENTERS: When I found out my friend Stepto was going to crash his plane into the island, I tried to sum up what was about to happen to him via Twitter. Turns out it only took 4 tweets. Have you ever tried to stop a friend from delving into disappointing  geekery? Did they do it anyway? Did they love it, despite you? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR FRIEND!?

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  1. Whenever one of my friends watches Torchwood for the first time I try to warn them off Children of Earth (without spoiling the ending of Day Four). And they never listen, and I always have to be there with the boxes of tissues.

  2. I've actually never seen LOST. Perhaps I should adopt this plan….

    On a different note, I'm a grad student so, out of term time (i.e. when I don't have teaching duties) I totally understand the pants-related problems.

  3. I feel the Torchwood vibe on that. And I am also among those who have never watched Lost…mostly because I was Lost in working endless hours, and when catching up on teh tvs, it's Who > ALL. I keep trying to stop people from watching True Blood…mostly because I couldn't get past the first five minutes after someone said "Sookeh". What kind of half assed porn star name is Sookie Stackhouse? ….oh wait, the show is pretty much porn for middle aged housewives. Fangbangers? /rolls eyes…

    • The books are pretty good but yeah, True Blood is just awful. And it's only Bill that I can't stand hearing Sookie's name from. It's just….wrong

      • The show is much better than the books. Bill has as much personality as cardboard in the book….and Sookie herself doesn't have much to her. The show has fleshed out some great characters in comparison…Tara, Lafayette, Terry, Pam and Sam.

        The most recent TV season of True Blood was excessive and pretty awful, but so are the latter Sookie Books especially concerning interaction with Fairies.

  4. Yeah, I watched two episodes of Lost and said 'Well, they're never gonna write themselves out of this' then stopped watching.

    When everyone started talking about how much it was starting to suck I just nodded sympathetically.

    • Lost would have made an AMAZING 10 part mini series. I feel like pretty much every high concept show would have, actually.

      • I've felt that about a lot of those shows which wind up getting canned before the first season ends. My Own Worst Enemy (spy has a mild-mannered cover personality, and they begin bleeding into each other) was one in particular where I said "neat idea, but after the obvious bits there's nowhere for them to take it."

  5. Actually, I found the first season fantastic, I thought season 2 and the first half of 3 dragged, but when they decided on how long the show was going to actually go, it got much better. I'm obviously in the minority but I didn't mind the ending and thought the later seasons were better than 2 and part of 3.

    • I actually agree with all of this. I'm still kind of surprised that I liked the ending, because just a few weeks before it ended I remember ranting about how I was going to be FURIOUS if they didn't explain everything by the end, but by the time it got there I realized that there was no way any answer was going to be satisfying after all that time, so it was better to make the ending emotionally satisfying and let the mysteries stay mysterious. (That's also the main reason I hope they never try to actually try to show the Time War on Doctor Who; if they'd done it right away it might have worked, but after years of build-up there's just really no way it's going to live up to what's in my head, so it's better to just let it stay there.)

    • I am also in the minority who absolutely loved almost the entire run of LOST. I started watching it between the 5th and 6th seasons, and I actually watched it twice (I watched the first 4 seasons on Netflix non-stop over like 2 weeks, then rewatched them with my Mom who got interested because I was so interested, then watched the 5th season once). I thought the 6th season was a bit weird, but all-in-all, I really had no problems with the show or the ending. I also liked the whole run of BSG and didn't complain about that ending, either.

      I guess I'm in the "the journey is just as important as the destination" crowd.

      • I felt like there was a point when they wrote the ending, and it was fine, then the studio came back and wanted 2 more seasons or so.

        I kinda feel that way with How I Met Your Mother now, too. I feel like that one chick at the end of the last season was supposed to be the end, and then now it's like "Well, what do we do now?"

          • this is it's final season (or so they say… ) and they have it all planned to wrap up this year (not so spoliery spoiler alert if you watched the first ep this season.. train platform after Barney's wedding… yellow umbrella…looks to be the set up for it)

  6. I'm thinking that there is a typo in the alt-text…… unless you really did put an Amazon box around your waste, rather than waist. Euugh.

  7. I recommend (the darker & grittier reboot) BSG to friends, but insist that it ended at 3.5 series.
    Sure it's a cruel, depressing ending, but so was the one with Space God and Starpigeon.

  8. There's some pretty amazing stuff sprinkled throughout the back half of Lost's run. I think the episode "The Constant", which was in Season Four, was probably the best episode of the series.

    • I'm going to go all hyperbole-y and say that The Constant is one of the finest episodes of TV I've seen. That list also includes episodes from the new BSG, Doctor Who and other geeky things. 😀

      • I'm glad to see so many people that were pretty much feeling the LOST mojo all the way through. After watching the finale with a superfan friend of mine, we discussed everything we could think of and realized that, other than Walt or Claire's baby, everything we had gotten a glimpse of had been explained, if you look at all the pieces.

  9. Yeah, I had a friend who had really enjoyed ALW's version of "Phantom of the Opera" and was (past tense) really stoked that there was a sequel. Until I found out about that enthusiasm and ruined it for him by telling him the plot and playing him a couple of the songs on YouTube.

    He left with a long face and slumped shoulders, but at least he didn't spend retarded amounts of money to find that out. I felt bad for ruining his anticipation; but I think it would have been worse for him to find out in the theatre. Poor bastard.

  10. Have to TOTALLY disagree – Season 4 & 5 were my favorites, hell I even loved most of 6. Despite seeing ppl's problems in the ending, IMO most of the mysteries of the island had been answered throughout the show &/or hinted at enough that you could put pieces together or make own theories. Ultimately it came down to these amazing characters we followed for 6 years and their journey.

    I just find this comic strip so weird when S03 for most part was pretty terrible or just borring (def first half), even writters felt trapped because they hadnt been given an enddate, same thing that caused season 2 to drag out and be my 2nd least favourite season.

    For better or worse I definitely would want someone to watch the whole show and come up with their own opinion.
    Atleast it hasnt gone completely off rails as Fringe (oh yeah, i went there 😛 S04 & 5 being HUGE disappointment to me- but thats my opinion)

  11. I have warned people off the BSG prequel series Caprica because it had BSG's bleak, grim tone but none of the sympathetic characters, and it felt like the writers were shoving their politics and philosophies in our faces. Warning people off lame geekery is a matter of opinion; I may hate something for the same reasons another person loves it, i.e. The Walking Dead. And as geeks, is it not our duty to gain new converts to what we like?
    Another example: my brother once expressed interest in Dollhouse, asking me about the premise. I told him the brain-washing-machine's workings are never really explained, Eliza Dushku's got the acting range of a damp cloth, and seeing the hot chicks in their default blank-slate "toddler" mode is (in my own words) "a boner killer."

    • You do know that NO machine in sci fi is ever explained in any detail, right? Because they're not real machines.
      Like, WTF are dilithium crystals? Does anyone give a frak? No. The point is that the Enterprise can go really fast, and it needs to for any of their plots to progress the way the writers want.
      The brainwashing machine is the *entire premise of the show*, and it's also the only real leap they ask you to make.
      You could also tell yourself that, in the interest of the world continuing to exist, they DON'T WANT you the viewer to know exactly how the machine operates.

  12. "grim tone but none of the sympathetic characters"

    I realized about 4 episodes in that NO ONE in the show was likable. They were actually ALL the bad guy. There wasn't even a sympathetic dark character. It was just all assholes and criminals and selfish pricks.

  13. I was the Stepto in my situation.
    My wife and I shotgunned Chuck (she having already done so once). She stopped me a few episodes short of the end, because, in her words, it would just piss me off, and invalidate most of what the show had ever stood for. I still don't know how it "really" ends, and I'm pretty sure I'm glad.

    • Huh. I stopped watching Chuck about halfway through the last season. No particular reason, I was just kind of burned out on TV in general at that point. I always intended to go back and watch the end of it, but it sounds like maybe I shouldn't.

  14. I think I stopped watching somewhere around season three. With the nature of Lost being that if you miss one episode you are totally fucked for understanding the next one. So I got busy, and dropped Lost and then… forgot about it because people started to tell me the quality was going down. I mean, it was pretty clear at that point they were just writing things that sounded cool instead of actually having a concrete goal in mind.
    ooh! smoke monsters! ooh! polar bears! ooh! Creepy subdivision that the survivors have never found!
    oooh! ooh! ooh!

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