Giant Robits Vs. Water Kongs

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That trailer… I mean, holy crap. Give a guy a chance to catch his breath. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t expect Pacific Rim to win any awards for compelling dialog or character development, but HOLY CRAP THAT TRAILER WHAT?!

COMMENTERS: Pacific Rim: Best movie or Bestest Movie? How could they fuck this up? I mean, seriously, anything is possible… so how are they going to fuck this up? Not enough giant robots? Too many fantastical extradimensional sea demons? Giant robot/sea demon love story subplot? It would still be better than Prometheus.

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  1. Went to see The Hobbit 3D hoping to see the Pacific Rim trailer on the big screen. Totally PO'd when I learned it was only attached to the 2D Hobbit. Can't wait to see Del Toro taking on kaiju and mecha. Power ranger comparisons be damned.

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