All Blood Things Must Come…

CRUISE FUNDRAISER [UPDATE 12/22]: 90/100 prints are sold and it would be great to sell that last 10  remaining prints before the end of the year. I am also going to leave up the additional prints and print packs for sale until probably February in case you want to get in on that action.

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COMMENTERS: Meteors, polar shifts, solar flares, eaten by demon snakes with your grandmother’s face… there’s LOTS of ways to get your armagedd-on. Of all the various apocali in movies, tv, books, etc., which would you prefer for your going out in a proverbial or possibly literal blaze of glory? 

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  1. I want to know what the hell Josh is mixing into that doomsday punch. It looks green in the second panel, even after the brown maple vodka (love that by the way). What ever it is, with Josh, you KNOW it's epic.

  2. The stuff in the red bottle is Everclear. It is mixed in the barrel with Tang. It comes out green because of the chemical reactions between the Maple Vodka and the Tang. The Everclear is for flavor.

  3. All this end of the world stuff, and no evil elves that come from the moon and steal pants? As for going out, I'd say fighting nazi zombies from the center of the world

  4. I'm a fan of the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" scenario. It seems like a nice, quiet, no fuss, no muss way to end human life as we know it.

    • Hmm, Killer Tomatoes. I don't know. They would be well-nigh unstoppable, until you teach everyone "Puberty Love".

      Of course, that song may also scare away the humans, too.

  5. I see it as the Independent film that came out a few months back [I think it did atleast,..seems I cannot find it anymore] called "Iron Sky" or similar about Nazis from the Moon. Seems right before the fall of the Third Reich some Nazi scientists successfully built a rocket able to leave orbit and Goebles and a few other Nazi Heads used it to escape,… they ended up on the moon and lived successfully for a few generations before deciding to return to Earth and re-establish the Reich under the Moon Fuehrer. Had some semi known German actors in it,..and the President of the US kinda looked like Sara Palin. So yeah Moon Nazis,..thats a way to do it,….. combine the two things that most people will agree need to be stopped if they arrive,… Nazis and Moon Men,…

  6. <grammardalek>By “preverbal,” did you mean “proverbial?”</grammardalek>

    I liked the end of Cabin in the Woods, as apocali go, though personally I prefer more tentacle-y Old Gods. The end of Angel was also pretty cool.

  7. I’ve worked at YYZ for many years and though I’ve never seen maple vodka, I have had maple whiskey. It’s delicious with coffee, ice cream, waffles and especially egg nog. You can’t get it in the Toronto airport but it’s widely available in eastern Canada. So for those of you who cling to the ass-end of Quebec (NY, VT, ME) it should be easy enough to procure. I highly recommend trying it out!

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