Don’t forget about the Lost premier tomorrow night

Because I did.

I didn’t actually forget because I never knew about it. That’s weird. Despite that fact that I would have no reason to turn on ABC while Lost isn’t airing, you would think the particular internets I frequent would be buzzing with Lost premier news.

For those that must be in the know, has extremely detailed Lost spoilers here, here, here and here.

2008-01-30-hurley-lostTV Guide’s Michael Ausiello has some updates on the premier and a few minor spoilers. He also says the writer’s strike might be over with an announcement as early as tomorrow.

Is it just me, or have you all enjoyed this break from TV? I started to realize how little I actually enjoyed some of the shows I was watching (Prison Break), and have been able to let them go. I feel like a contrived, poorly planned, monotonous burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

It will be nice to see the writers getting back to work and the watchable shows coming back to the air. I hope the industry reemerges stronger and smarter because of this ordeal.

I wonder what long term effects the strike will have on shows like Lost that already have odd production schedules. Truncated season? 4 mini seasons instead of 3? 4 deaths per episode? Can they resurrect Niki and Paulo and kill them again?

Nostalgia Side Note:

I started Hijinks Ensue last May with the idea of making fun of geek culture, especially TV. Lost was one of the first shows I tackled. Check out those early efforts here, here, and here.

Close, Google, but no drunk polar bears

Today’s Google terms that brought people to this site:

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Internet, will you go with me?

The Googlebot is a confused mechanical man

Joel: you’ll like this
Joel: #4 search term this month
Joel: “bear comics”
Josh: hahhahaahha
Joel: #8
Joel: “porn lost”
Josh: awesome
Joel: it gets better
Joel: #15
Joel: “jack shepherd bear”
Joel: and #20
Joel: FTW
Joel:“polar bear panties”