JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 Fundraiser

UPDATE 01-16-13: WOOHOO! SUCCESS! All 100 prints are sold! Thank you all so much. 

UPDATE Dec. 18, 2012: 83/100 Signed and numbered prints are already gone!

UPDATE Dec. 3, 2012: 50/100 Signed and numbered prints are already gone! The rest have to be sold by Dec 15 in order for me to make my goal.

RED ALERT, YOU FANCY BASTARDS! Here’s your chance to help me do something very special for my family and in return get something very special of your own.

SHORT VERSION: For $35 you (and 99 other Fancy Bastards) will get the “Bridge Collapse” 11″x 17″ print (see it up close HERE), plus an additional signed, large sized 11″x 17″ print of your choice (“Where’s Carl?” “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey” or “Rival Smugglers”).
For $55 you can get all 4 prints!


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LONG VERSION: Being self employed has many rewards: no set hours, no boss, no commute, but it also has its drawbacks: no healthcare, no steady paycheck and NO VACATION! With your help I aim to do something about that last one. My wife and I, thanks to your gracious support, were able to join the Sea Monkeys of JoCo Cruise Crazy 2. It was one of the most amazing weeks of our entire lives and our goal is to ship off with them again for JoCo Cruise Crazy 3. Unfortunately this is AN INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE GOAL. We need to raise $3500 for the trip (flights, hotel, cruise, meals, etc). To that end, I have created a limited (to only 100), signed and numbered print featuring the HE cast as the bridge crew of some sort of doomed multiversal, crossover starship.


I am also offering 4 individual 11×17″ prints (“The Doctor Is In,” “Winter Is Coming,” “Grammar Dalek” and “I’m A Snowflake On The Wind”) for $15 each or $45 for all 4!


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I am also ALSO offering a few different 4 packs of themed HijiNKS ENSUE comic prints (8.5×11″ size) for $25 each. There are two “Doctor Who” packs and also packs for “BSG,” “Joss Whedon” and “Wil Wheaton.”


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You can buy the individual 11×17 Prints or the Theme Packs even if you don’t buy the “Bridge Collapse” print.

SHIPPING TIME: This will be determined by how well and how fast the prints sell. When I’ve sold at least half of the prints, I will have them produced. As soon as I get them from the printer they will start shipping. As of right now I do not expect them to sell fast enough to be delivered for the Holidays. I will post updates here.