Thundercats Bro Before Thundercats Ho

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I will definitely be watching the new Thundercats animated series, but not (only) because of how far Thunderan cleavage technology has advanced in the last 20 years. Thundercats was my favorite show when it was first airing. I had a multitude of action figured, the Thundertank, and a life size Lion-o suit complete with plastic Sword of Omens and Glove of… Portents? Glove of Mysteries? Power Glove? I don’t remember what it was called, but it was awesome. I think the blend of fantasy and sci-fi really appealed to me. They had spaceships and laser cannons and what not, but there leader was the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi portrayed by Jaguar. I think his name was Jag-o, or Jag-off.

I was, however, quite disturbed as a child by the pilot episode referenced in the comic above. Everyone of the Thundercats was complete naked for the nearly the entire episode. Even the kids. And, seeing as how they are basically animals, that probably wouldn’t have registered as odd if they didn’t make a huge deal about, “OK, now we’re at the planet. We should put some clothes on.” It makes me think nudity wasn’t common on Thudera and they were just weirdos. Like the people that make their kids watch them have sex because “it’s natural.” It’s like they were just putting on clothes because the pizza guy was at the door.

I only saw that episode once when I was young, but the memory of it burned in my brain. I was too young to understand if I was aroused by it, so I think my only real reactions were confusion and fear. I had the same reaction to an episode of The Mysterious Cities of Gold where the main character got naked to play in the river. It was a Japanese import, so I’m sure the creators thought nothing of it. Nudity is something Americans are taught to fear and be ashamed of at a very early age and I think it sticks with us throughout life. The rest of the world (literally ALL OF THE REST OF THE WORLD) doesn’t seem to have that same hang up.

“Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight… right into Cheetara’s bedroom. Meow.”

Anyway, enough strolling down repressed childhood memory lane.

COMMENTERS: Are you going to check out the new Thundercats? Did you enjoy the original? Post any Thundercats related thoughts below.

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  1. I have a plush Snarf.. When I was much younger, I tried to take it on a plane and the nice people who inspect your hand luggage freaked out and made me x-ray the thing individually. They then mailed it to my home rather than let it on the plane.
    To this day I have no idea what that was about.

    • Yeah its pretty creepy looking back on it, i wonder if Jaga kept him around as his gimp locked up somewhere in a box on Thundera

    • I think the He-Man/Panthro bondage comparison would be a little tired at this point, so I'll just allude to it instead of making it.

      Wait… Am I inadvertently making it by even referencing it? A-hem.

      On the note of He-Man, though, I'm curious. I actually enjoyed the He-Man reboot, brief though it was, and as long as this isn't all fight sequences/baton-spinning contests it should be enjoyable. Also, as long as Lion-O isn't the young upstart who needs to be brought down to earth in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.

      Trust me, this, or something like it, will happen. I can read it in his character design.

      • I enjoyed the story in the He-Man reboot (girl fan of He-Man back in the day), but I hated the art.
        Hated it with a passion. It was the cheapest of the cheaps that Hanna-Babara was known for.
        IF you have a lovely painted background AND you'll be animating something on top of it – make sure your damn blacks all match! The slight green tint to the black lines in the moving animations really took me out of the show and into the critics chair.
        Lots of shows get it right – why can't He-Man?

  2. Panthro looks like Jet from Cowboy Bebop,Tygra looks like he's about to bust a laser cap in someone's ass. Also Lion-O has mini-super saiyan hair but either way I'm curious to see what they'll come up with.

    Also Joel, thank you for the mental image of Cheetara with 8 tits very reminiscent of Total Recall.

    • from what I have heard (via io9) Snarf is coming back, but all he is going to say is "snarf"..
      I'm not sure if this makes me less likely to watch or not..

  3. I still have a straw holder thing of snarf, it was like some kinda kids meal toy from way back in the day. I suppose now it does look like he was trying to ride some pole.

    • So do I. While we were in the USAF, my hubby would turn it on after work (along with He-Man). I only caught some scenes. I hated Snarf, but I somehow ended up with that straw thing! At least it is quieter.

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