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NEW HE Podcast in which we discuss the possibility of Nathan Fillion buying Firefly.

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Nathan Fillion wields a strange power over geeks. If he were to tweet the word “jump” we would probably knock the Earth off its axis. But no amounts of tweeting or jumping or wishing or clapping can bring Firelfy back from the dead. At least not the way it was. Most of the actors have moved on and many of them (including Captain Castle) into a higher pay grade. A few years ago I might have thrown my hat into the “hopeful Browncoat” ring, but the older, wise, more frequently disappointed me just wishes people would stop reopening the wound.

I suppose there is one way we could raise enough money to force Fox to give up the rights to Firefly. We could sell Charlie Sheens moon-sized balls for their weight in… sperm, I guess. It does have monitory value. At this point in his meltdown cycle, when Charlie finally bursts into actual flames from snorting cocaine and kerosene out of the barrel of a machine gun, I expect a new baby Sheen will rise from the ashes. A Sheenix, if you will. Will you? Excellent.

COMMENTERS: If the planets aligned and you could really have more Firefly (on actual TV), would you really still want it at this point? I’m sure the answer is a resounding yes (followed by a string of incoherent Chinese cursing), but I can conceive of a world where there are people that feel the show ran it’s course. In this fanciful scenario where the actors were available and affordable, as was Joss, what would you want to see? The River Tam storyline is rather resolved, so where should the weekly adventures of the crew of the Serenity go from there? Don’t take the comics into consideration when you answer this one.

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  1. I actually wrote two fan scripts that take place six months after Wash's death. Without going into details that could get me in trouble with Fox, I'll just say that it dealt with Zoe dealing with her grief and how it affected her dealing with Mal and the others.

  2. new episodes could be made about the 4 months in between the events of Firefly and Serenity. It was Joss Whedon's intent to do many more little 'adventures' before the River story was all tied up. It would also show the development of Mal falling out with Simon, and a gradual unravelling of the Blue Sun Corporation. All of these can be explored more in-depth than any movie…

    • I dont mean to sound rude, but I just get really sick of people not just coming out and saying "hey, theres a typo" and trying to be snarky about it. I would rather people just try and be helpful about that sort of thing rather than be cute.

      • At the Star Wars Fan Forum I used to be a part of, we were all big fans of declaring "Cannon goes BOOM" whenever someone slipped in an extra 'n' when they were talking about Star Wars' canon.

        But, a little more wit and charm is required for that sort of callout to be witty and charming in my opinion.

    • if theres a typo, just please be helpful and let me know without trying to make fun of it. I get SO incredibly tired of that sort of thing so very fast. Sorry.

  3. Honestly? I really don't feel any of the cast besides Fillion have "moved on". Baldwin's on Chuck, sure, but besides that I'm pretty sure everyone has just been on a series of canceled shows. I think Jewel Staite actually gave up for a while and started a cooking blog(…which is probably quite good).
    So yeah, will Fillion ever actually make up the capital to by the show? Probably not. But I do seriously believe he would be on it again if he could.

    That being said, would I like to see new episodes, or a new film? Hell yes! But I fear if it ever did come back, it would just be a tremendous disappointment that would be a giant skidmark on the show's beautiful record.

    • See my second reply. I dont consider it helping when people try to point out a mistake in a comic at my expense. I dont think you did anything intentionally to irk me, but that sort of things just really gets under my skin. Probably because there's at least one typo in every comic, so I get a lot of this. More my fault for not being a better proof reader.

  4. "A Sheenix, if you will. Will you? Excellent." Is one of the best lines I've seen lately. I think that and that kind of work are, if not better than the comic itself, sometimes even more awesome-ner.

    The only thing I'd really like to see in a resurrected Firefly (freenix? Fire-nix?) would be a complete rewrite of the Serenity. I think they lost huge amounts of potential on that movia, and the plot-side of it felt rushed. So on with River Tam as the main enigma, more men with blue hands etc, forget serenity etc.

    • But, I don't think that "Serenity" can be a Dallas style "dream" that someone in the crew had…it does have an established continuity to the series.
      You have two choices, IMO: either film eps that fill in the time gap betwen the end of the series and the movie, or show the after-movie time.
      There's a paper & dice RPG book I'm reading through now "Serenity:RPG", which has enough ideas in it to run a gaming campaign…I'm sure if the show could be brought back, or movies of the week could be filmed, that Whedon & Co. could figure out enough to do to make it a good show.

      If Trek could come back to TV nearly 20 years after going off the air, I'm sure it could work for Firefly/Serenity…longer you wait tho, more difficult it seems to be.

  5. Heh, Sheenix. Love it.

    I think an interesting question would be could we accept the show with a new cast and writers? Sort of a TNG of the Firefly verse. Like it's been pointed out berfore, the cast is probably not going to reunite for this sort of thing, so would a resurrected series take place during the same time period but with different outlaws? Maybe they'd pull a prequal and focus on the Unification Wars. Or maybe after the movie with the Alliance weakened and another civil war errupting. There's a lot of room in that setting.

    • Can we as a collection of nerds of a specific genre finally hop off the prequel train? How many prequels in the history of modern, mainstream Sci-Fi have been any good/any reasonable success? I can name plenty of miserable failures off the top of my head (well, three off the top of my head, more probably with a little bit of scrounging) that either outright sucked or were mismanaged almost as badly as original recipe Firefly (Good luck earning my trust again after what you did with Caprica, SyFy)

  6. Ideal case: Everyone is re-hired and Joss declares that "Serenity never happened".
    Then go on to continue right where we left off. I want to hear about Shepherd Book, how Zoe and Wash's marriage got on, and all kinds of other stuff. Joss can kill whoever he wants (ohgodi'vecreatedamonster) and we get on with things.

    • Well, it strikes me that if the over-the-air series was continued, you could simply pick up at the back end of the last over-the-air bit. It's not that "Serenity never happened", just that season two happens before.

      It's that, or we pick up after Serenity. The Alliance is fighting hard to maintain control of the systems they have, the border planets revolt and the Alliance can't hold onto them. You've got Zoe's mental state to work with, everyone on the crew is bummed and trying to hold themselves together. There are still myriad little criminal networks out there. Hell, you've still got Reavers to deal with. River couldn't have killed them ALL, could she?

      • I think after Serenity would be the more compelling option of those two. If we're dealing with the time before Serenity I feel that the plot would be restricted in what it could do. For one, Joss couldn't introduce major new characters, nor would he have total freedom to develop the ones that he had. It would be tricky to keep the Firefly mystique while working under a story based deadline like Serenity. If we deal with the Alliance and the aftermath of Serenity, I think you're right, there are a lot of really interesting stories to be told in there.

  7. On the one hand, we've lost two out of the nine main characters, and the storyline that was driving the whole thing is over with.

    On the other hand, that described almost every new season of Farscape, and I kept watching till its also-premature bitter end.

    Serenity made a great cap to the series, and I'm okay with the story ending as it did. But I'd love to hear more stories involving that ship and crew, whether they're played out by the actors or in a comic book series or (sorry if this term is unfamiliar for some of you) a novel.

    Those hoping for a shoestring adaptation, though, should rent Babylon 5: The Lost Tales and let us know how that works out for you.

  8. As far as stories within in the Firefly/Serenity Universe I'd like to see something about either the original Unification war or perhaps a new Independence war, sparked at least in part by the events of Serenity. In a new Independence war it would be interesting to see what roles the Firefly crew would end up playing. Even if we don't get Firefly as we know and love I really want to go back to that verse, even if it's in a form of something like Firefly: TNG.

  9. Fun fun, I get to play devil's advocate!

    I think Firefly, at this point, has crystallized enough that further episodes would come across as a betrayal instead of a boon.

    To clarify: It sucks that the show was cut so short. I would have loved to see Joss gradually build to the River reveal, to see the relationships shift and churn, but I don't think that would work, today. Now we have Serenity and, on top of it, years and years of time spent thinking about the show and its universe on the back-burner. There are ideas in most fans' heads, I guarantee you, as to what happened in the intervening time between the final episode of the series and Serenity, but what's in one person's head is going to be so vastly different from what's in another's that an "official" Joss answer might only prove frustrating.

    Do you really want to know all the things you think you want to know? As soon as you do, all that thought and effort you've poured into speculation is sunk, is made entirely arbitrary by the reality upon which the show settles. I'd rather live in uncertainty, with the characters playing roles I've inferred from what I've already seen, but maybe that's just me.

    I'm not glad the show ended when it did, but I'd be happiest, now, if it were not to continue.

    • Sad but true. All the anticipation would just end in disappointment and nerdrage. Does noone remember The Phantom Menace?
      Probably for the best

      • Haha, you read my mind!

        The entire prequel trilogy is an example of what can happen when the creator's vision differs strongly from that of his fan-base.

        A cautionary tale, if one would.

  10. If there had never been a movie neatly (well, mostly neatly) tying up the loose ends we'd been watching unfurl in the series, then I would say HELLS YES morefireflyrightthisminute!!

    But, since there was a movie, and since they did kill Wash….it feels like a finished story. Of course there is much speculation over the time between the show and the movie and there can always be more backstory to reveal. But those two thought trails still only lead to the end we have already witnessed. Nothing will change. What's the use of filling in the gaps? If they give us too much information we may actually become LESS satisfied with the way things ended, and possibly with the actual characters if they become over-developed in retrospect.

    If they choose to continue on from the end of the movie, they already start with less than what made the show magic in the first place. It would be a bit of a rebuild, and nothing good ever comes from that.

    As much as it is painful to say, Firefly was brilliance in a bottle, and it had it's moment of glory, and people will love it forever. And it's over.

  11. I'm with you on Firefly. I adore it, I've watched it dozens of times since I bought the DVDs over 5 years ago. Initially, I was a very hopeful Browncoat. But even if the actors were willing to take a pay cut, they'd also be taking a step back in their careers. They'd also be older and it'd be loaded with years and years of expectations. I prefer the idea of other people making similar projects in the 'verse, like one which was shown at SDCC last summer and whose name I can't remember.

  12. I loved Fyrefly, but I've moved on, and I love Castle. I'd rather let it rest in respected piece and visit it's glorious dvd grave than resurrect it and have it turn into an abomination.

  13. Like you said…Firefly is dead, mostly cause the case and crew have moved on. I think that the "Verse" of Firefly is pretty rich and there could be alot done with that. I even would honestly be OK with a complete reboot…then again I'm just a hopeful when it comes to bringing it back.

  14. Joel, I think you make a good point about this. I think it's kind of like frosting. I'm they type of person who thinks cake exists solely to hold up frosting. I can't remember the last time I had cake, but I know that I would like some. As a newly minted bachelor, I was shopping the other day and walked down the baking aisle, and had an overwhelming urge to buy a can of frosting. Just frosting. Never mind that I have a bunch of other things that I could eat, sweet or otherwise, or that if I had gotten it, I probably would have gotten halfway through the can before I realized it was a bad idea, and either never finished it, or forced it down over a period of a week or two out of some completion thing. The point was I knew I liked frosting, and the capacity to get it on it's own was intriguing and exciting.

    I think the promise of more Firefly (something that I have loved like no other show in years) is like the can of frosting. Because we liked Firefly so much, the promise of having more, and possibly as much as we want of it overwhelms us and we have that id response, whether or not new Firefly would be what we'd hope or not.

    Also, I think I may have a sweet tooth problem.

  15. Crazy idea, how about Joss just get another chance to do something crazy and brilliant, and maybe this time he runs somewhere far away from the reach of the Evil Fox Executive as humanly possible. Maybe Nathan's current home could use some good Sci-Fi, or perhaps NBC could find a spot on one of their nights that isn't occupied by the four best sitcoms on TV. Hell, maybe even someone on cable could pull it off. Remember what TBS did for poor, unwatched, but still in major demand, Conan? Hopefully not SyFy, though. That would require me to forgive them for mismanaging Caprica right into the dumpster…

    It's all been said; Firefly finished its main story with Serenity and the comics wrapping up most of the major threads. At least a few of the crew have more lucrative gigs (and if not, Joss seems to have no trouble bringing his former stars into his current projects). Surely the man can still come up with a brilliant premise and populate that world with lovable, snarky characters. Let him do it again, or make him do it again, if that's what it comes down to.

    • I think Joel said the comics don't count for this little brain exercise. Perhaps NBC could have it, as pennance for what they did to Heroes and for letting the Cape turn out how it did.

  16. One major obstacle to this is if the original cast is on board with coming back. Does Fillion even WANT to leave Castle, a bonified hit? Adam Baldwin's got Chuck, another winner, and it looks like he's there to stay. If V gets shitcanned (what do I mean, "if"?) then I guess Morena and whoever played Wash is on board. I don't know what Zoe's actress is doing lately, but I guess she'll come back. Do not bring back Summer Glau, as she has a reputation as a show-killer. Everything she's a regular cast member of gets cancelled, so we can't risk that again!

  17. I agree with many of the posters saying that more Firefly would probably not turn out well. I loved it, I think it was splendid and marvellous, but it is past its window in time and to try to resurrect it I think would be a mistake. The movie killed off two of the mains and gave away the central mystery. I feel like Joel said above, that it's too much like reopening an old wound over and over. Sure, scar tissue sucks, but let it heal for goodness' sake.

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