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And My Axe - Gimli shirt by HijiNKS ENSUE at Topatoco

NEW HE Podcast Episode 80: Medium Seabiscuit [or is it Sexbiscuit?]

HijiNKS ENSUE at Emerald City Comicon

OMG EMERALD CITY COMICON IS THIS WEEKEND!!! It is by far my favorite show of the year. Come see me and Angela at booth 307. Here’s a MAP to all the other webcomics I know that will be there. I will be at the Marian Call show in Seattle Thursday night. If any Fancy Bastards are in the audience, feel free to comic up and say hi.

This week (as with all pre-convention weeks) I am running around like batshit bananas (the most dangerous and delicious species of banana) getting ready for my trip. There’s supplies to buy, prints to make, merch to ship, reservations to check, panic attacks to have, rage to subdue… all sorts of what not. Luckily, Fancy Bastard Ryan Young (who blogs HERE and HERE) stepped in with this guest comic/illustration of the HE crew getting their collective dance on. I can’t tell if it’s a Star Wars themed rave or if Josh’s choice of light up accessory was just poorly conceived. Either way I know I was probably dragged there begrudgingly and now I don’t have a head. Isn’t that always the way? It is.

With any luck there will be another guest comic, another regular HE and a Lo-FiJINKS this week. Come Monday expect some sort of con-sketch situation to grace the home page.

COMMENTERS: So the Mos Eisley Cantina falls on hard times and tries to drum up some new business by turning itself into a dance club. Who frequents this wretched hive of scum and boogying and what sort of funkiness goes down (or gets down) there? Feel free to place your groove-scenario at any time during the Star Wars mythos. Bonus points if you give me the plot to Step Up Episode 4: Step Up To The Force.

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  1. I thought it always was a dance club. But because of the physiology of most alien races, it just doesn't look like dancing.

    Still, the mashup of "A New Hope" and "Footloose" is inevitable. (And Kevin Bacon always should've played Luke, IMO)

  2. Leia's attending a dance school run by Jabba the Hutt, who trains her like a slave. Only one partner, serving his "community service" to Jabba, can give her a routine to free her from Jabba's grasp, the rough and tumble Han Solo. With mutual friend Luke Skywalker, the Jedi who can set up a Capoera routine anytime, they'll dance their way to freedom. See Step Up Episode 4: Step Up to the Force, coming straight to DVD this fall.

  3. I am deeply disturbed by this comic. Yet … I want it to happen soooooo much. Also, Josh's outfit is kind of epic.

  4. Everyone knows General Grievous would any dance-off battle. No need to even have it.
    And I would change the name of the movie to: Served: Grievous Bodily Harm

    GBH would be the very best of all the SW prequel movies, but a guilty pleasure no Star Wars fan would publicly admit to. It would also be the most profitable of all dance-off movies.
    Annakin loses a hand trying to do a handstand; Obi-Wan has no moves and serves as moral support; Yoda is too little to properly please the crowd and is therefore no real competitor; shockingly, C3PO makes the best appearance for his team, as he is fluent in the language of dance; no one invited Jar Jar Binks. Grievous shocks the crowd by serving his own teammates in order to prove he's on top.

  5. This strand of thought leads me directly to Eminem in Darth Maul makeup, trying to start a rap battle with Boba Fett. Fett, not appreciating the waste of his time, shoots him.

  6. I'm thinking Padme in her drag outfit from Ep 1, serving & voguing on the dance floor, while go-goboys wearing only stormtrooper helmets bump n grind in the background.

    Don't ask me what podcast I've been listening to lately…

  7. I actually have a picture very much like this comic of Josh at Bear Pride. Only there's more mock buttfucking.

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