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Fringe, the best serious scifi show on television (prove me wrong, I dare you. I DARE YOU!) was picked up by Fox for a fourth season. Ever since I heard the news via Twitter I have been consulting the scrolls, casting the bones and reading the Alphabits in a vain attempt to figure out how this occurance fits into the Fox’s grand scheme of ultimate geek sadness.

Most of you already know that Fox’s Doom Engine is fueled by the tears of geeks and nerds, and NOT just any tears. No. Only the tears of ultimate suffering. Their Hate Furnace won’t move one inch when filled with tears born of physical pain. It requires a propellant created from equal parts lost hope and broken dreams and wilted spirits. Some are theorizing that putting Fringe in the Friday Night Death Slot, only to renew it against all conceivable Foxlogic is just a ploy to make its eventual termination all the more bitter and the ensuing tear-fuel all the more potent. Perhaps there are darker machinations at play. Perhaps we will explore these in next week’s HE comics. Perhaps. [spolers: we will]


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  1. I just about hit the roof when I heard they got their renewal. I just hope they can hit all the points they want for the series before FOX decides the suffering needs to start. First they'll air the shows out of order, then stick a 3 to 4 week hiatus in between, in which time they will fill that void with lame fillers that make us quit watching that time slot, only to slip Fringe back in and say, "Well the ratings are down, time to pull it." Let's just hope that when Peter finally steps into the machine the only thing that is destroyed is the FOX machine that feeds off our geek tears in both dimensions simultaneously. 🙂

  2. Oh, there's definitely something nefarious afoot here – I foresee a crossover with The Chicago Code (a code that's been cracked, by the way, by every OTHER generic procedural that has preceded it) or something equally awful.

    But for the moment, I'll just bask in the glory that is a renewal.

  3. I'd rather see FOX renew Human Target. The mess with Peter and Pregnant Olivia pushes Fringe into the same league as Passions. Also the best current sci-fi show, besides Dr. Who, is the Canadian show Lost Girl. Just sayin'.

    • Based on descriptions Lost Girl would be considered Fantasy not really science fiction. Also what is implausible about that situation? Guy sleeps with girl…girl gets pregnant? Doesn't seem to fall into the same category as "my father got my girlfriend pregnant but because she was also sleeping with my twin we won't know who the father is" kind of over the top BS that you have in soaps.

    • Lost Girl has terrible terrible dialogue! The characters are good, but I find myself cringing every time I give it another chance and watch another episode.

  4. Thank you for causing me to quickly search the internet to find out if Anna Torv truly is Rupert Murdoch's niece. She is….I am sad. Despite the familial connection being tenuous, it's still horrifying.

    Oh yeah, awesome comic.

  5. Thank you for causing me to quickly search the internet to find out if Anna Torv truly is Rupert Murdoch's niece. She is….I am sad. Despite the familial connection being tenuous, it's still horrifying.

  6. No, Fox has something even more insidious up its corporate sleeve… crossover? maybe, but not with Chicago Code; I'm expecting either Bob's Burgers or Simon Cowell's new show "X Factor". Or maybe… just maybe… they'll be adding a new actor to the cast… a big name… who just got fired off his CBS show last week. Yeah, they're probably thinking Fringe needs a little Tiger Blood…

  7. As an Australian, I can confirm we do have nieces. We start off with about fifty of them, and then send them into a locked room with Australia's most venomous animals (ie all of them) until only one or two nieces remain. They are then crowned with a roadkill Cane Toad, officially announced as "My Niece, Mate" and sent to Hollywood to try and stop you lot from ruining our gene pool by poaching any more of our young male actors…

  8. Technically, the term ‘vice-wallaby’ is only used to refer to one’s cousin. In Australia, we call nieces ‘demi-koalas’.

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