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I’m heading out this morning to talk to a local high school art class about making comics. I think it’s part of the D.A.R.E. program. Drawing dicks Always Rapes Eyeballs or some such. Please enjoy this Fancy Photo-Comic featuring David WillisDanielle Corsetto and introducing Randy Milholland as the ghost of Alan Moore.

Very special thanks to Super Webcomics Fan Jose Villalobos for taking a few of the pics that appear in today’s comic and posting them to Facebook.

I did a webcomics panel at C2E2 with Rob DenbleykerKris WilsonRyan Sohmer and the aforementioned Ms. Corsetto which, according to audience feedback, was the greatest panel in the history of con-dom [not condoms, though I'm am sure some nerds were knocking boots afterwards]. The audio of that panel will be posted [hopefully Friday] as the next episode of The HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast. I suggest you go ahead and subscribe via RSS or iTunes so you don’t miss it. I will tease you with two words: Yeti Murphy.

COMMENTERS: Any con stories you want to share? Any con HORROR stories you want to share? Did you wait in line for 12 hours to meet Stan Lee, get nervous and throw up on him? Did he throw up on you? Was that even at a con?