C2E2 2011 Fancy Photo-Comic Part 2

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I’m heading out this morning to talk to a local high school art class about making comics. I think it’s part of the D.A.R.E. program. Drawing dicks Always Rapes Eyeballs or some such. Please enjoy this Fancy Photo-Comic featuring David WillisDanielle Corsetto and introducing Randy Milholland as the ghost of Alan Moore.

Very special thanks to Super Webcomics Fan Jose Villalobos for taking a few of the pics that appear in today’s comic and posting them to Facebook.

I did a webcomics panel at C2E2 with Rob DenbleykerKris WilsonRyan Sohmer and the aforementioned Ms. Corsetto which, according to audience feedback, was the greatest panel in the history of con-dom [not condoms, though I’m am sure some nerds were knocking boots afterwards]. The audio of that panel will be posted [hopefully Friday] as the next episode of The HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast. I suggest you go ahead and subscribe via RSS or iTunes so you don’t miss it. I will tease you with two words: Yeti Murphy.

COMMENTERS: Any con stories you want to share? Any con HORROR stories you want to share? Did you wait in line for 12 hours to meet Stan Lee, get nervous and throw up on him? Did he throw up on you? Was that even at a con?

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  1. One year at Wizard World Chicago I was so nervous to meet Joseph Michael Linsner that when he said "Hello" all I could do was squeak. Like literally squeak. I turned tomato red and pushed his art book at him and my brother had to tell him my name. Three years later I met him again at C2E2 (last year) and he smiled at me and I said "Hi!" then out loud went "Holy S@#t, dialogue!" He looked at me and went "You're the Squeaker!"

  2. I once danced on a table at Otakon wearing a bra and panties combo. I had none of the parts the bra was meant to cover up and I was far too much for the panties to contain.

  3. I went to a live reading of "Cloud Mows The Lawn", narrated by a drunken The Internet, at A&G Ohio this past weekend. Good times, goooood times.

  4. Completely unrelated. What is that thing on your hand in the first panel? A medical support, some artist thing for not messing up already drawn stuff, or accessory? Cause it looks cool.

    • your 2nd guess was correct. Its also helpful for using drawing tablets as that it allows your hand to slide.

  5. I got a sad con story: I've never been to a con (living in Germany)…
    I did meet Neil Gaiman at the Leipzig book fair*, and promptly turned bright red, started to sweat profusely and developed verbal diarrhoea. Not a pretty sight, I'm sure, but he was just amazingly nice and really sweet.

    *actually got to hang around his publisher's booth while he pre-signed a pile of comics, and then take a lot of pictures with him (he drew pupils on my red skull-and-crossbones balloon!), and had a lovely chat with him after his reading that evening… Best. Day. Ever.

  6. I do believe randy milholland's beard is a separate entity from his face altogether. By night they live very different lives

  7. Randy is looking more and more like Alan Moore every day. Soon piss-poor movies of his work will appear in the world for him to hate and deny 3 times before the cock crows.

  8. Once, many eons ago, I collided with Jhonen Vasquez at ComicCon. Since I, like most humans, am ten times the size of Jhonen, it's a wonder he survived.

  9. A couple of years ago at Dragon Con I got a hug from Walter Koenig. I was a bit overzealous and almost knocked him over. I didn't even realize that he had stumbled until I heard George Takei say, "Whoa, man. Are you okay?" I was too embarrassed to go near that corner of the walk of fame for the rest of the con.

  10. I met Brent Spiner at last year's WonderCon. He and John de Lancie where sharing a booth, and I was in Brent's signing line.
    I asked him if he would sign the photo "Happy Birthday Phil". He got sort of bummed, and told me that his best friend's birthday was that weekend and they were supposed to be celebrating together in Paris. I expressed my sympathy for the unfortunate timing…and sort of stood there…unsure what to do. He sat there a moment, then agreed to sign it, saying I seemed nice. Okay. Relief…face turning a little less red…
    Then I asked him how his con was going.
    He sighed again and said "It's good. Not great. But good." I expressed sympathy again, and he told me that his wife had fallen and hurt her back the day before, so he really wished he was there with her. (Understandable) Unprepared for such a human divulge, I looked uncertainly at Q, who was shaking someone's hand and looking back at me with a pitying smile. I told Mr. Spiner I hoped his wife felt better soon, and that he had a safe trip home. He thanked me and I ran away. SO AWKWARD. I suppose it was nice to have the genuine interaction, but I almost felt guilty. It was a Data Downer moment.

  11. I got to meet Adam Baldwin at a con in Toronto, and he was amazing! I got to his Q&A late and it was full, so I was turning to do a sad-walk the other way, when I ran into the man himself (he seems much bigger in person!) A few of us who were outside the room explained to him that it was full, and he convinced the staff to leave the doors open and let us violate the fire code, so I got to sit in the aisle and listen (I've never seen so many knitted caps with ear flaps in one room before – and it was August!)

    After the Q&A, I went up to meet him and take a pic, and he remembered me, gave me a hug, and gave me a trading card from Serenity of Mal and Jayne! Then, later that day, I was in the autographing area, and he was at his table, and we made eye contact and he smiled and waved at me! What a sweetie pie!

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