Mr. Wheaton Goes To Melbourne

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By the time you read this Wil is probably nearly, if not entirely upside down and with nothing but my sage advice and (hopefully) a bathroom grade machete to protect him. Godspeed, Wheaton, you Fancy Bastard. May your wits and your poop sword keep you in good health, good spirits and good whatever something something bullshit technobabble.

COMMENTERS: Have you ever been successfully trolled by international travel lies? Something like, “When you get to _____, everyone calls each other cuntface. They’ll be insulted if you don’t do it.” What about a similar “initiation prank” at a new job, school, etc? People are pretty much terrible assholes. I’m sure some of you have fallen victim to their assholery.

Holy shit, C2E2 in Chicago is next week. I’ll be with Blind Ferret at Booth 432. You Chicago FB’s saw how well Seattle did in the cookies, coffee, and booze gift  department right? Are you going to let them show you up? Have you seen how shallow the pizza in Seattle is? Are you going to let them win?! [iced or hot soy latte, Starbucks Doubleshots, rum, vodka, tequila, pretty much any kind of chocolate, no nut allergies… I’m just sayin’.]

Regional Nomenclature

TEAM EDWARD [James Olmos]

THERE IS A NEW HE PODCAST!!! EPISODE 82 – C2E2 2011 Webcomics Rountable featuring: Joel Watson of HijiNKS ENSUE, Kris Wilson and Rob DenBleyker of Cyanide and Happiness, Ryan Sohmer of Least I Could Do, and Danielle Corsetto from Girls With Slingshots.

If you preordered HE Book 2, please read the updated shipping times on THIS PAGE.

Fringe, the best serious scifi show on television (prove me wrong, I dare you. I DARE YOU!) was picked up by Fox for a fourth season. Ever since I heard the news via Twitter I have been consulting the scrolls, casting the bones and reading the Alphabits in a vain attempt to figure out how this occurance fits into the Fox’s grand scheme of ultimate geek sadness.

Most of you already know that Fox’s Doom Engine is fueled by the tears of geeks and nerds, and NOT just any tears. No. Only the tears of ultimate suffering. Their Hate Furnace won’t move one inch when filled with tears born of physical pain. It requires a propellant created from equal parts lost hope and broken dreams and wilted spirits. Some are theorizing that putting Fringe in the Friday Night Death Slot, only to renew it against all conceivable Foxlogic is just a ploy to make its eventual termination all the more bitter and the ensuing tear-fuel all the more potent. Perhaps there are darker machinations at play. Perhaps we will explore these in next week’s HE comics. Perhaps. [spolers: we will]


The Down Underdome

[The comic is a rough draft for now. I’ve been really sick all week and had another ER visit last night for an allergic reaction to something (don’t know what) that caused a crazy rash over most of my body. Yay for Steroids! The completed comic will be posted late tonight.]

Josh also thinks Tina Turner is the Australian Prime Minister. She isn’t? Right?

I got the idea for this comic when I noticed a link to my “Edward” shirt coming from the Australian SciFi Channel Blog. I realized that they had never made the ugly transition from properly named television network to Polish venereal disease like their US counterpart, SyFy, had. Further inspection revealed that all worldwide SciFi affiliates retained the original nomenclature. I guess American’s are the only ones that need to “imagine greater,” “unthink different,” or “expect disappointment” or whatever their new slogan is.

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Thank you so much to everyone that has purchased one. It is officially my fastest and best selling product ever. I received a sample print today and I think they look great. They will start shipping later this week. I don’t want to say too much, since not everything is finalized yet, but I was contacted by Olmos Productions last week regarding the shirt. Expecting a swift cease and desist order I was overjoyed to learn that they liked the shirt and were interested in working with me on a project or two. More details to come as things unfold.

A Left Turn At Albuquerque


J.J. Abrams must have some sort of geographical boner for places that start with “AUS,” because he debuted “Star Trek” in AUStralia a month before it’s US release (complete with a Wonkaesque Golden Ticket contest) and held a sneak preview in AUStin, TX. The Austin this was actually really cool. The fans thought they were showing up for “Wrath of Kahn” and  a 10 minute sneak preview of “Star Trek.” Instead “the film broke” and Leonard Nimoy came out, bitched about the technical snafu then they showed the new film in its entirety. Harry Knowles was there and you can read his account HERE. You might want to bring a book because his review is LONG. I love what he does for the geek community in general but that dude can’t write a review without retelling his entire life. He’s kind of like a fatter, red-headed Dewey Cox that way.

I suppose if I get desperate I can travel down I-35, find one of the lucky Austinites, then tie them up in a mini storage unit  and mind meld with him to get a taste of the movie. That kind of shit happens in Austin all the time. Also weed. Weed happens in Austin all the time.

I had a really hard time writing this comic, so I thought I would throw in some extra art juice to even it out. I felt like I’d already done a vegemite joke, but I couldn’t find it in the archives. Maybe it was a comment from a while back. I was also pretty sure I’d done a “The Core” joke before but then I realized the joke was on me… because I had seen “The Core.”