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Here’s a follow up to my previous Jack Reacher comic. 

COMMENTERS: Apparently fans of the Jack Reacher books are upset that once of Reacher’s main traits is his imposing stature and physical presence. This is clearly a trait Tom Cruise doesn’t posses. Is there another actor that you feel was cast against the type of the (already established) character they played? Were you happy with the results?

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  1. Well, a lot of people were upset about Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Wolverine in the comic was short and stocky (kind of like a real wolverine). Hugh Jackman is tall and while he bulked up for the part and did a good job on the character, he just didn't have the look that a lot of people wanted.

  2. It's not only the height, but Jack Reacher was also thoughtful, quiet, relaxed, and could fill a doorway. Jim Caviezel would have been fine — was he too busy with Person of Interest? Jeffery Nordling would have worked. Jack Taken (aka Liam) would have worked. So would Adam Baldwin — who doesn't really have a career right now. If Nathan Fillion could keep a straight face and just think "Mal", he could have been Jack Reacher. Give the Ollie Queen from Arrow a Valium, he'd be good for it. Tahmoh Penikett from Battlestar could have been great.

    Not only are these guys close to or OVER six-feet tall, they have the acting abilities to match the character as portrayed in the novels. Tom Cruise looks like he's ready to have a nervous breakdown just sitting in a chair. Tom Cruise is not quiet, thoughtful, relaxed, OR 6'5". If I want a knife wielding nutcase, I'll take Cruise. Jack Reacher could have been any one of a dozen other actors. So, who the bleep thought Tom Cruise?

    • Oh yeah, Penikett would have been imposing and slightly terrifying.
      What about that dude who was the first bad guy in Iron Man and the captain for the first 5 minutes of Star Trek 2009? You know the guy I'm talking about. He's both ripped and quietly composed.

  3. The worst actor for book to movie transfer? Whoopi Goldberg in "Burglar". In the book Bernie Rhodenbarr is a mild, caucasian, male burglar who owns a used bookstore and his best friend is a lesbian dog groomer. In the movie the burglar was Goldberg and her best friend was Bobcat Goldthwait.

  4. I was flat weirded out by the billboards for Prince Caspian, whose title character in the book is blond and thirteen years old. But I'm glad the billboards warned me so I had time to let the idea of a sexy Hispanic seventeen-year-old Caspian sink in. By the time the film came out, I was still skeptical but was at least ready for it, and I actually quite liked Ben Barnes in the role.

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