You’ve Got Me On My Knees

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COMMENTERS: Let’s assume “Harrison” is a red herring. What other movie trailer red herring’s did you fall for? Or did you see through them while the rest of the Internet lost it’s collective mind?

Hey hey! You can listen to an interview I did on the Clinically Inane podcast.

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  1. So, last month or so "Layla" had been stuck in my head. I thought I wouldn't be ride of it and its funkyness. I got to the point that I had to start listening to the most obnoxious songs I could thing of, Aqua's "Barbie Song", Blood Hound Gangs "Who Let the Dogs Out" and all of Will Smiths movie tied songs. Nothing worked, so finally I gave in to the fate that was beset me. Layla, what did it mean.

    After thinking long and hard I could only think that massive sleep deprivation was the key. After listing to "Layla" on loop while wearing gimp gear hanging from my ceiling for 3 days, Boosh, I had it. I had achieved oneness with the Clapton.

    Needless to say, now I can play all of his songs perfectly… but only when I'm hanging in a gimp suit from a ceiling.

      • Yeah, the Baha Men did "Who Let The Dogs Out" and Aqua's song was called "Barbie Girl". The Bloodhound Gang are best known for their song "The Bad Touch".

        • To *my* generation the Bloodhound Gang is best known as the teens who solved mysteries with SCIENCE!! on 3-2-1 Contact.

          I still can't believe they went and formed a band. *Sniff* They grow up so fast…

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