Momoa Justice, Momoa Problems

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Based on the casting of Jason “PecsPecsPecsPecs” Momoa, I am guessing DC is going for a less kind, less gentle Aquaman. No better way to shut up the Aqua-haters than to show us a badass Aquaman, I suppose. Of course the confirmation of Aquaman’s addition to Batman V. Superman: The Case Of The Crumpled Cape means the movie (which is NOT a Justice League movie?) will feature Supes, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg AND Aquaman. I’m guessing everyone except for B-Word and S-Hole show up right at the end, wink at the camera and fly straight into the sun. Seriously though, I am not 100% on board with this group-movie before solo movie Justice League situation. It seems super-flawed from a superhero super-storytelling perspective. I’m curious how they are going to integrate an older, grizzled Batman into a world that seemed to be totally flabbergasted by the appearance of Superman in Man Of Steel: Metropolis Gets 9/11’d X 100.

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  1. I have slowly lost any and all interest in this movie. I was perfectly fine with Man of Steel. But the Director's a massive jack***, this will be the 8th Batman, LIVE ACTION, movie since I've been alive. I can't count that high with animated series and movies included. They seem to have no interest in taking their time and are just shoving as many people into one movie as possible (which NEVER goes wrong), and I'm just kinda blah.

    I'm sort of the same way as X-Men. I haven't seen an X-Men movie in theaters… or out of it, come to think of it, since Wolverine: Origins. I didn't have that many problems with them, as a whole, but I'm just burned out. I'm tired of the same characters. I vaguely liked Green Lantern, but I think they should've done John Stewart because his movie probably would've been… ya'know, interesting. "But how would they set up Synestro?!" Stewart was trained by his daughter, so I think they could've found a way. >.>

    For this, it looks like they're going with more badass Viking-y Aquaman like in the Justice League animated series. I'm fine with campy Aquaman as long as he's vaguely… competent, I suppose. I mean, his power list is basically, "Everything Superman can do, minus the laser eyes, but I can control fish to do that for me. Ever wondered what he Bloop ( was?"

    I think if they'd been smarter, they should've abandoned Batman. Let the end of the Nolan movies stand canon to the world. Which they would never do because Batman's the most recognizable name in all of Superheros so I understand why they didn't, but they should have. Have JGL's character take up the mantle as Nightwing, and have the Nightwing movie come out, having him battle Clayface, Gentleman Ghost, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, one of the super powered villains, to connect Dark Knight's powerless world with Man of Steel's powered one.

    I'll go see a Wonder Woman solo movie, but unless I see something… different, from DC, I have little desire to go see anymore of their stuff.

      • I've been considering it, but I still feel burned out. : I've heard a lot of good things (About the movie anyway, always fun to find out about how certain actors are massive a**holes). I don't know.

  2. And don't forget that Wonder Woman killed Max Zeus. Not in the movies though probably. You saw the "leaked" movie schedule right? Sad that they think they can keep up with Marvel in the big ticket movie department. I pray it works out really, but I have no confidence in DC.

  3. I have no interest in the worst titled superhero movie ever, but I would love a solo Aquaman movie with Momoa. Or better, as a tumblr post pointed out, Momoa as Namor in the MCU (although IDK if Marvel actually has the rights for him in movies).

  4. 'So desperate to copy Marvel's success they've cast Namor as Aquaman' was my first thought.

    • Check 90s/Justice League-Unlimited Aquaman. It probably says something that out of everyone, Aquaman's the one they're sticking with 'You know him from television' style in their recent decisions.

    • I remember a million years ago there was talk about The Rock playing Lobo. That might have actually worked.

      • Any chance we can revive 1980s Macho Man Randy Savage and cross him with the Undertaker? That would be a good Lobo.

  5. What Marvel did with the whole "give the main heroes a movie to themselves so the team-up isn't bogged down by everyone's origin stories" thing has made me very pessimistic on other team-up movies. Doesn't mean it can't turn out okay, just that I'm pessimistic.

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