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I’ve decided to start making a new, supplemental comic, in the vein of the old LoFi-Jinks comics, which will serve as the comic that “comic Joel” actually makes in the HEniverse. I just wrote the word “comic” so many times that it lost its meaning. Comic… comic.. yeah, it’s just abstract sounds now. I’m starting off with a few comics about Star Trek: TNG to serve as the basis for the conversation in THIS HE comic.

I love the new story-based comics that I’m making, and the feedback on them has been overwhelmingly positive, but I occasionally miss making pop culture jokes. I’ve decided that “comic Joel” is still making pop culture comics and Faneurysm is his comic’s title. This way I can exorcise my pop culture demons from time to time, and put more things on the site for you to look and laugh at? Makes sense? Cool.

Once I’ve made a few more of these (working on two more right now), I will move them to their own archive outside of the main HE archive. For now, I will probably post them sporadically. Eventually I would like to post them between regular HE comics or on the weekends.

Speaking of Archives, check out the new comic navigation beneath the comics! 

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 6.32.57 PM

You can now more easily navigate between the different kinds of comics (HE, Faneurysm, HE ClassicLoFi, Guest Comics, Photo Comics and Con Sketches) with the “Prev. Cat” and “Next Cat.” buttons. You can also click the archive button to be taken to a list of categories with descriptions for each.

PATREON Patrons: Once I get going with the Faneurysm updates, I will probably alter the rewards tier to involve these comics. I will likely swap out video blogs for Faneurysm comics.


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  1. Yeah, I'd do the exact same thing if someone made a pun with my name.

    This wasn't a bad idea. I'm sure everyone was wondering what comic-Joel draws. Maybe also what comic-Willis draws, as well (would it just be you trying to mimic his style with yours mixed in?)

    • I'm pretty sure Hijinks comic-Willis died a year ago, but his ghost continues to party with Joel and his fans haven't noticed because of the eighty-month comic buffer he has built up.

  2. Yo dawg-

    I must say I'm excited. While I love the stories and am 100% behind you going about providing free happy in whatever way you choose, I did miss the one-off gags. But now you're gonna give us BOTH? You never cease to amaze me.

    • I can't believe I never thought of it. But then, I'm glad I didn't, because it was /way/ funnier that way.

  3. Interestingly, comic Joel's style is different enough from real Joel's that I thought this was another guest comic until I read the accompanying text.

    Also, typically people exorcise their demons, but in this context exercise works just as well. (-:

  4. By the by, love the meta-ness.

    Also, any time I get to thinking about stuff that's meta, I get reminded of one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Can't remember where I saw it, but here it is:

    I'm So Meta, Even This Acronym

    • Except for how one of them is a clever play on words and the other is a lazy, overused portmanteau.

  5. Patrick Stewart is a great sport by most every indication, but I don't think even he could take a pun like that.

  6. So, how long before comic Joel gets tired of making pop culture jokes and decides to do something story based?

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