Population Explosion

[Please forgive the colorless nature of this comic. I am currently on the road for Denver Comic Con. I will color it as soon as I get home. – Joel]

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I will be at Denver Comic Con THIS WEEKEND with Cyanide & Happiness June 13-15, 2014 at booth 734!


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HijiNKS ENSUE: I Could Really Go For A Martwinky Right About Now
(An iBook Collection Of HijiNKS ENSUE Comics from 2009)
EXTRAS: Contains an intro I wrote while on an airplane and while insane with sleep deprivation. I can not promise you that it makes sense at all. Also contains a whole section of freelance projects (many never before seen) that were commissioned by you, the Fancy Bastards.


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  1. COMMENTERS: Please feel free to come up with your own character ideas that David Willis can add to one of his seventeen comic strips!

  2. COMMENTERS: Please feel free to come up with your own "COMMENTERS:" challenges to go with this strip!

    • There's gotta have been one time where someone yelled at a child for buying toys and making the guy feel childish for buying the same toy… No offense to David of course.

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