C2E2 2011 Fancy Photo-Comic Part 1

Ewok Stare Shirt

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Still sluggish from C2E2 and finishing up a freelance project that has to be done this week, so please enjoy this Fancy Photo-Comic featuring (all the way from Internet) Randy Milholland, Rob Denbleyker, Zach Weiner, Lar DeSouza, James Ashby, Matt Melvin, David Willis, Stu Becker, Danielle Corsetto, and Ryan Sohmer.

I’m going to be speaking at a local high school art class tomorrow.¬†Apparently¬†they want to show the students the dangerous aftermath of a life spent making comics.

COMMENTERS: It’s up to you this time. I’m still recovering from the trip and am not yet of sound enough mind to… with… stuff. Exactly. So feel free to talk about the convention, or other stuff, or ham. Ham is always good.

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  1. I totally learned how to make some from them the local con (vcon) a few years ago. Doing so at the restaurant sounds better.

    • Only the ones that pretend to be "born again", or twice-baked, as I like to call them.
      The rest of us would wear those penis menus as hats, if the weather here wasn't so soggy. WEAR THEM!

  2. I just realized three of my most used movie/tv quotes involve ham…Huh. Unfortunately none of them relate to the above comic. SO, I'll just go ahead and say it looks like you had a great time! Would you say the hat is a jimmy one?

  3. Ham! Ham IS always good. Although, and I know this might sound a little crazy, but stay with me here, it may not always be exactly… right… for a situation.

  4. Given Lar's great "art school" lesson(s) on UStream, I find the idea of "Professor Lars" teaching how to make origami dicks both hilarious and appropriate.

  5. Did you guys count Lar's beard as a separate person? Because you should have. It has it's own FB page. Seriously.

  6. I obviously don't read enough webcomics. I only recognise Randy Milholland, Lar DeSouza, Danielle Corsetto, and Ryan Sohmer.

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