Jonathan Coulton in Dallas Wednesday 9/19/07

Jonathan Coulton is a personal hero. He’s just some guy from NYC that writes funny songs and distributes them over the internet. Over the last couple of years he’s turned his music into his full time job. He is completely supported by me and you and everyone else that enjoys his music. You’ve probably heard his folky acoustic cover of “Baby Got Back,” or maybe you were lucky enough to see him perform at this year’s PAX.

His rise to internet fame stems from the close connection he keeps with his fans through his website. Email him. I dare you. He’ll respond. He helped me with the code for Corn Mo’s music store just because I asked him how he’d made his own. What a guy!

Jonathan Coulton

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  1. i thought after ACL that i might be all concert-ed out, but i gotta say… i don’t think i can say no to “baby got back”…

    like, ever.

  2. Ya know what’s funny? I was just looking at this post and thought, “I wonder if Coulton’s coming to Portland anytime soon?” So I went to his website and, as sure as shit is brown and occasionally a variety of other colors, he’s coming to Portland TONIGHT. What timing. 🙂 Now, to convince the Mrs to go…

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