The Most Mal Of Wares

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What’s wrong with telling the suspicious link clicking, password giving, attachment downloading, bad-computing masses that a website can fix their slow computer? Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but one would assume the only way an external site could scan your files and your registry would be to give that site root access to your machine. So are they are offering malicious spyware to remove spyware?Continue reading

Buzzter Rhymes

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The guy in the comic that isn’t me is my friend Daniel. He came over to watch Lost last night (and show that really should always be shared with friends so you can look up what the hell is going on in the episode from multiple web-enabled mobile phones in teams) and we had this exact conversation, though admittedly with less lyrical flow. Continue reading

…Once Opened, May Never Be Closed

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I’ve been using Pandora for streaming internet radio for over a year and I have just now realized that it’s system of deciding what to play based on the “music genome” of each song you like or dislike is fundamentally flawed. You see, Pandora only allows you to “thumbs up” or thumbs down” a particular tune when, in order to accurately rate a piece of music you need at least three options: “Thumbs Up”, “Thumbs Down” and “I COCKING HATE GOD DAMN COLDPLAY!!!” The button for that option would be Chris Martin having his face raped off by wolves.

FOLLW ME ON TWITTER and you might get to participate in the creation of HE comics. This comic was inspired by FB @RobStenzinger‘s reaction to this tweet. @patrickcentral and @allixsenos pointed out that (as Josh mentions in the comic) Pandora is only regurgitating what I’m feeding it. I’m ashamed to admit that I probably thumbs upped “Speed of Sound” at some point. Still, nothing explains why it keeps playing Whitesnake with reckless abandon.

The Song Of The Unsuccessful Aquatic Mammal

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… or “The Fail Whale at Tanagra!”

[reddit-me]Ironically, Eli and Denise died in a murder/suicide pact moments before Twitter came back online.

So I guess Twitter got attacked by killbots or something yesterday morning. I was asleep until 10am (having stayed up working until 4am the previous night), so I didn’t notice. [Follow me on Twitter, if you want]

Read up on Darmok and the Tamaraians if panel one is confusing at all.

UPDATE ON THE BOOK PRESALE! As of this posting there are only about 10 Ultimate Fancy Editions left!

Seeing as how the Ultimate Fancies are all but sold out, I can officially announce that the preorders for the 150 UF editions have completely paid for the full print run of 1000 copies of HijiNKS Ensue Vol 1: Godspeed, You Fancy Bastard. Thank you all so much for your constant support.