1. Awesomes. I’d buy it if the shirt was a color that matched the font and guitar a bit more. Kinda that off-yellowish-brown color. “Stale piss”, I think it’s called. Oh, and it would help if the shirt was actually in production.

  2. interesting concept. it’s like ‘El Mariachi” or “Desperado,” with all the guitar guns. my favorite was the guitar bazooka in “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.” that, and the crazy, scary mexican actor danny trejo. he’s just a scary sonuvabitch.

  3. @ Dean

    Cafe Press does a few different colors. JoCo has a Cafe Press store – and, so do we. But, I thought it would be more appropriate for him to put the design in *his* store if he wants it. If he doesn’t, and he’s OK with Fan-Swag with his name on it then I’ll put the design in our store and post a link.

  4. @Denise
    Eli was telling me a story one time and goes, “And Danny Trejo was in it”


    “You know, the scarry ass mexican from every movie.”

    That was enough. I knew exactly who he was talking about.

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