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I will put up with pretty much anything to get a great service for free. I have ALLLLMOST pulled the trigger on Spotify Premium a dozen or so times, but I always end up asking myself, “Are the ads, that bad? Do I really need one more bill?” Turns out the ads aren’t so much “that bad” as they are often “innapropriate” for “trying to have” some of the “sex.” Hell, I JUST signed up for Amazon Prime after months of doing to the math to see how much I typically spend on shipping with Amazon each year. The answer was “none.” I spend none dollars on shipping with Amazon because I always opt for Free Super-Saver Shipping and the impossibly long wait that comes with it. Eventually you have to weight he cost/benefit of not having to wait two weeks for your new angled USB adapter to show up at your doorstep and NOT being coitally interrupted by rootin’ tootin’ car commercials. Treat yo’ self every once in a while.

COMMENTERS: What free service do you use that you still refuse to upgrade to the premium version? Is it the cost, or that you just don’t care enough about alleviating the minor inconveniences. What made you finally pull the trigger to the paid version?

To Your Mother

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Sucker M.C.’s

For the month of January 2015, both of my books are only $5 each. Buy 2 of them and I’ll give you a free mystery mini print. After January they are GONE FOREVER

I am selling them at or below cost so they can go to Fancy Bastards that will appreciate them, rather than a bonfire. Grab them HERE. 


I would say nearly 100% of my daughter’s holiday musical program was this psuedo-hip hop referenced in the panels above. I know you know exactly what I mean without actually having to hear it. For a good decade (between the late 80’s and late 90’s) it was everywhere. In Fruity Pebbles commercials, and Simpsons episodes, in a parody song about Ronald Regan, and an ad for Chiquita Bananas. This style of “rap” was so common in advertisements that I feel like an entire generation (my generation) grew up thinking that a ton of actual rap songs started with “My name is _____ and I’m here to say, I like to ______ in a _______ way!” As far as my Google-fu can suss out, there aren’t any actual songs from that time period that featured this lyrics scheme.

Rap songs from this time DID, however, heavily feature the artist saying who they were and what they liked to do, but it was (at least almost) never in that exact pattern and rarely quite that corny. I mean, that’s some weak ass rhymes right there. But it was so ubiquitous that when adults and kids alike would “make up a rap song,” it would almost always start with that phrase.

I left Kiddo’s program just puzzling over this phenomenon. It’s like a game of cultural telephone. A lyric is misheard or misremembered, then mis-quoted enough times that people take the meme for granted and start building off its foundation. For instance, “Wouldn’t it be cute if the 1st graders sang a song as if they were Santa’s Reindeer? And wouldn’t it be cute if they RAPPED it, because of how the rap is the most popular form of music these days with the kids?  And OF COURSE we should start the song, the way every single rap songs starts!” BUT THE THING THAT THEY ARE REFERENCING NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!

I think this situation is akin to pop culture misquotes like “Beam me up, Scotty,” or “Luke… I am your father.” If enough people just keep saying them, everyone else just assume they’re right and our collective pop cultural memory just forks from that vector and grows in a different, weirder direction.

It’s holidays times, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I have an Amazon Wishlist for any of you who are interested in such things.

Teenage Angst Has Payed Off Well



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In Utereo, an album that defined my youth and shaped the way I would love music for a decade to come turns 20 years old this week. To commemorate the fact that Nirvana hasn’t generated as much revenue as it could have since the mid 90’s, the record company/rights holder to Nirvana’s catalog have rereleased In Utero in a 3 disc mega box set situation with a remastered 2013 version of each song, a few b-sides that have been available since the albums original release in 1993, a bunch of EXTREMELY rough, instrumental demos and the audio from Nirvana’s 1993 Mtv Live and Loud concert (the only thing in this collection that I don’t believe has ever been officially available in audio-only format).

It might sound like I, a person for whom discovering Nirvana changed their life in a PROFOUND way, am not entirely enthusiastic about this release. This would be mostly true seeing as how A) it marks my further decent into the void as age creeps up behind me, wrapping it’s silky, wispy fingers around my throat and whispering… hissing in my ear, “Soooooon, Friend. Soooooon,” and B) It doesn’t really offer a true Nirvana fan… anything. I suppose the casual fan that remembers being fairly familiar with flannel 20 years ago might enjoy the 4 or 5 b-sides (Marigold, Moist Vagina, I Hate Myself And Want to Die, Sappy, etc.) they’ve never heard, but old school listeners like myself actually had to seek out the b-sides in the ACTUAL RECORD STORES to listen to these musical morsels. Among them, Marigold (a Dave Grohl song which was later rerecorded and released by Foo Fighters) and Sappy are the only songs you might want to listen to more than once.

Which brings up my major complaint with rereleases like this: They aren’t going to unearth any new high quality Nirvana recordings. Ever. There was one (You Know You’re Right), but it came out years ago for the 20th anniversary of Nevermind. That was it.  Every other “never before heard” thing is going to be a garbage recording from a tape deck, or a blown out, unmastered, meandering noise jam (there are two of these on the In Utereo rerelease). And don’t even get me started about the utter mess that was 90% of the content on With The Lights Out (the 700ish disc set of mostly unlistenable Nirvana b-sides, rarities and live performances). These are recordings that you can listen exactly once, go, “Huh. Well. That was certainly something,” then go back to listening to the same 11 songs you remember from the first time you bought the record. Even the remastered versions of the album tracks offer very little in terms of new discovery. The left/right balance is different and you can hear more of the duo-tracked vocals and guitar parts (where the same exact part is recorded twice, and played on top of each other to get a subtle variation in the sound and make it sound larger without adding additional parts or instrumentation), but that’s about it.

So check out In Utero‘s 20th anniversary edition on Spotify where you can listen to the handful of “new” tracks a few times then jump face first into your flannel lined coffin as a choir of greasy haired gutter punks hold a candle light vigil and sing All Apologies as you’re lowered into your eternal dirt hole. This thing is a record company money grab, and not worth your time.

COMMENTERS: What media release anniversary made your realize you were SUPER FUCKING OLD? 


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The 25th Anniversary of The Goonies was pretty hard to comprehend. But In Utero’s 20th is almost harder, because it coincides with me starting high school, 20 fracking years ago this month.

Age math sucks, man. IT SUCKS.

It happened in 2002, when I realized that Quarterflash’s debut album was old enough to drink legally. It was one of the first albums I bought right near the time of its release in 1981 (I was in high school at the time), so that had an impact.

For myself, Nirvana was part of the reason I stopped listening to new music in the ’90s – the entire “grunge” thing was a complete musical turn-off for me and as the only other genre getting a lot of attention at the time didn’t appeal to me either (various kinds of hip-hop/rap) I just tuned out.

Out of pure serendipity, you’ve paralleled the choruses of Barenaked Ladies’ “Box Set” from their debut album, 1992’s “Gordon”:

“Disc One, it’s where we begun, it’s all my greatest hits. And if you are a fan then you know that you’ve already got ’em.

“Disc Two, it was all brand new, an album’s worth of songs. But we had to leave the whole disc blank ’cause some other label bought ’em.

“Disc Three, yes this is really me, in a grade school play. I had about a hundred thousand lines but of course I forgot ’em.

“Disc Four, never released before, and you can tell why: it’s just some demos I recorded in my basement.

“Disc Five, I was barely alive, I was coughing up a lung. So we had to use a special computer as my replacement.

“Disc Six, a dance remix, so I can catch the latest trend and it’ll make you scratch your head and wonder where my taste went.”

Of course, “Gordon” is even older than “In Utero”, so… GAH! I’m old! There are CDs in the rack that I’ve had since 1988 when I got my first CD player.

Steve Albini’s letter to Nirvana on producing In Utero

1 reply · active 90 weeks ago

That’s refreshingly straightforward and completely devoid of bullshit. I like it.
Dave's avatar

Dave · 90 weeks ago

It’s my son that makes me feel old. He was born in 2012, I was born in 1981, roughly 30 years earlier. Here are a few ugly revelations.

Star wars came out 4 years before I was born. 4 years before he was born: Dark Knight. He will think of Bale’s 2nd Batman movie the way I think of Star Wars.

The Lion King came out 18 years before he was born. 18 years before I was born: Cleopatra and From Russia With Love. He will see The Lion King the way I see the 2nd Bond movie ever made. The Lion King is ALMOST old enough for him to be seen the way I see the Original Series of Star Trek.

Shall we go on? Yes Lets. Because I hate me.
He’ll think of Bill Clinton the way I think of JFK.
He’ll think of the turn of the millenium the way I think of the Moon Landing.
He’ll think of the Animated Transformers Movie the way I think of The Seven Year Itch (Time wise anyway… at least I hope)
The first episode of the original TMNT cartoon is as far away from his birth as the Ten Commandments was from mine.

and on and on.

4 replies · active 90 weeks ago

Gretchen's avatar

Gretchen · 90 weeks ago

I hear you. I was born in ’82, my son in 2012. I distinctly remember my mom playing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as she cleaned the apartment when I was very, very young (I like to say my love of zombies was established then). Michael Jackson died before my son was born.
Dave's avatar

Dave · 90 weeks ago

Thriller is a good one! Released 30 years before my son was born in 2012. Elvis’s first album is 5 years TOO NEW to be considered the same as the Thriller album to my son.

Michael Jackson is OLDER to him than Elvis is to me.
I don’t even recognize these songs from the top 30 of 1951. Too Young by Nat King Cole? On Top of Old Smokey by the Weavers? Mockin’ Bird Hill by Les Paul?

Gretchen's avatar

Gretchen · 90 weeks ago

I recognize On Top of Old Smokey, but only because it was turned into a kid’s song. I’m feeling old!

And just in terms of world events, there will be no “pre-9/11” in his understanding of the world. The event happened over a DECADE before he was born. The things we recognize a direct results of that event will, to him, be just the way the world is. It’s funny to think how different our kids’ understanding will be (because I don’t feel nearly as old as I thought MY parents were when they were my current age).

Everyone one of these made me let out an audible, “GUHHHHHHH”.
lou's avatar

lou · 90 weeks ago

I was born in 1984, same year as (among other franchises) Transformers, which is approaching their 30th anniversary, which means I will be officially out of my 20’s in a matter of time. Time, that dick.
Lawrence's avatar

Lawrence · 90 weeks ago

Not a re-release, but in 2011, I was listening to TMBG’s “Flood” for the first time in a few years, and was of course singing along, and found myself singing out loud in front of my pre-school child, “Why is the world in love again? Why are we marching hand in hand? Why are the ocean levels rising up? It’s a brand new record, for 1990 JESUS H. FUCKNUT”

1 reply · active 89 weeks ago

Yes, “Brand new” and “1990” seem in direct opposition.
KryssLaBryn's avatar

KryssLaBryn · 58 weeks ago

Hah, this isn’t an album or what, but the other day, during a conversation a few coworkers were having in the lunchroom about whether or not 23 was young or not, I suddenly realized (and immediately blurted out): “Dude, I’ve been having sex since before you were born!”

It pretty effectively ended the discussion of whether or not 23 was young.

Planet Earth Is Blue And There’s Nothing I Can Do

Recording a music video of Bowie’s “Space Oddity” IN OUTER MOTHER FUCKING SPACE is mankind’s most baller achievement. Hats off… rather space helmets off to you, Commander Hadfield. Though I do fear his actions will usher in the coming Anime Apocalypse by creating the universe’s first actual outer space pop star. Alls I’m saying is when a cyborg cat-girl from the future and a plucky robot sidekick with plasma cannons for arms start doing backup vocals for the good Commander, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

COMMETNERS: What song would you have to sing at what location/time/historical event to approach the epicness of Commander Hadfield’s performance?

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Craig's avatar

Craig · 109 weeks ago

“Time Warp” in the TARDIS while facing Daleks.

3 replies · active 109 weeks ago

Nathan's avatar

Nathan · 109 weeks ago

Did not read that as “facing” the first time. Not sure where my brain pulled a “k” from, either.

Twould be epic, though.

Ali's avatar

Ali · 109 weeks ago

It’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane.
lou's avatar

lou · 109 weeks ago

I would think the Doctor’s favorite Bowie song would be “Changes”.
Lori's avatar

Lori · 109 weeks ago

I was reluctant to watch the video when I first saw it, because it sounded so gimmicky. But honestly, it was very affecting. And to me, the most important part was that he could really sing! As Josh points out, he’s no David Bowie, but he does manage not to completely pale in comparison, which I consider quite an achievement.
Derek's avatar

Derek · 109 weeks ago

Jeff A's avatar

Jeff A · 109 weeks ago

I thought Jeff Bridges was the Star Man

2 replies · active 109 weeks ago

Liz's avatar

Liz · 109 weeks ago

That’s just, like, your opinion, man.
Candace's avatar

Candace · 109 weeks ago

No, Jeff Bridges is The Dude.
If there is ever a manned mission to Mars, its theme song will naturally have to be Hagar’s “Marching to Mars.”

1 reply · active 109 weeks ago

Not “Life on Mars”?
Ali's avatar

Ali · 109 weeks ago

Did you see the duet with Ed from Barenaked Ladies? “ISS (Is Someone Singing).” That one made me tear up a little.

Fun fact: When I was little, I confused Dave Bowman from “2001: A Space Odyssey” with David Bowie because their names are similar and also all the stuff about space and stars.

I’d give my left nut to see C3P0 sing Domo Arigato Mr Roboto in front of a WalMart.

And then say “I’ve wasted my left nut!”

lou's avatar

lou · 109 weeks ago

That guy’s song is great! It even got David Bowie’s approval on Twitter! And since it’s Bowie related, expect it to be a punch line in a joke on The Venture Brothers any day now.