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Friend to HE Jon Rosenberg has a new comic called “Scenes From a Multiverse.” It has pretty pictures and nerdy words. It’s like Goats, but minus the 12 years of continuity to catch up on. You will enjoy it.

Toy Story 3 is the best film of 2010 and the best Pixar film to date. The end.

It was perfect. I don’t care that it’s animated, or aimed at kids or CG or that it has one extra dimension. That movie is a gee-dee masterpiece of story telling. I cried real human-style tears for at least the last 15 minutes.

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I’m not going to do a full review, but I do want to list a few things that I especially enjoyed and others that pushed Toy Story 3 past Pixar‘s typical fabulousness and straight into “Best Picture Oscar” territory:

  • The entire opening sequence. I haven’t laughed that hard at another movie this year.
  • The improv toy troop
  • Ken
  • Spanish Buzz. “El Vaquero!”
  • Mr. Tortia Head
  • The incinerator scene. I completely forgot I was watching a cartoon at that point.
  • Lotso’s complete lack of redemption
  • Woody’s realization that he had to let Andy go
  • Andy’s “one last play” with the toys

Buh! I’m starting to mist up again. I better go Watch the first 8 minutes of Up! so I can calm d…BLOOOHOOOO HOOOHOOOO HOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

Please share your thoughts on Toy Story 3 in the comments. Try to keep SPOILERS to a minimum but be warned that THE COMMENTS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!!

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    • Mine actually are in the attic. I pull them out ever 5 years or so. The weirdest thing is the instant "touch memory". Theres a flood of sensory info when you hold something you havent held in decades and suddenly remember every texture and curve, etc.

  1. Tugging my heart strings man, I had a similar thing recently and dug out my worn-out well loved original Voltron and Masters of the Universe toys. Manly tears were shed.

  2. Yes indeed. Easily the best. I too shed tears of sweet, sad reminiscence. On a slightly less related note, I once declared my intention to change my name to Leonardo. I kid you not

  3. Are you allowed to bring your own toys into the theater with you? Or are you forced to have only the toys you can buy at the concession stand?

  4. ….Joel can cry WHAT??????????????? haha on the other side though I love old toys there's nothing better than taking out your old transformers and having a battle

  5. The funny thing is, to get the full emotional impact of the ending, you CAN"T be a kid… The reason it resonates with so many people is that we've all gone through it.

    The only people crying in the theatre were adults

  6. Toy Story 3 was my (just about) 5-year-old son's first movie in the theater. "It's OK, daddy – I'm sad, too." Without giving anything away, when they joined hands it pushed me over the edge.

    Incidentally, I first saw Up about 2 months after my mother died after a pretty long fight with ovarian cancer. I had to stop the movie for about an hour before I could continue.

  7. Oh man. I am going to be devastated by this movie – because I had to throw out my Buzz Lightyear who was broken along with his dead soundchip. Imagine it – a Buzz Lightyear unable to say "To Infinite – AND BEYOND!" – it was too sad to contemplate. I had to get all Old Yeller on his broken ass and throw him in the garbage bag – which deflated as if his soul was leaving.

    Buzz may soon be replaced by a Woody – I always wanted one even though in Australia you were considered suspect if you owned a Woody and not a Buzz. Times have changed – and so has acceptance of a clearly camp cowboy in my mind.

    Buzz has currently been replaced by a Medicom Shotaro Kaneda from the anime movie Akira – I know it's not the same as a new Buzz but I think at this time in my life a Kaneda which is a grown man's toy instead of a child's one is the way to go.

    I still have the very first toy I remember – a Jurassic Park Young Tyrannosaurus Rex – on my desk as I type. I have a lot of toys because I'm a Photomedia student – but in the end I still play with them like a kid no matter how hard I have to justify getting out my action figures and arranging them at my art school.

    • Hang on a second – why did I get minus one?

      I'd hate to think nobody likes me. I was merely commenting on the fact that in Australian suburbs when I was a kid there was an unspoken grudge against Woody being kind of camp. I don't agree with that – I hope I wasn't taken out of context.

    • Hang on a second – why did I get minus one?

      I didn't actually mean to demean Woody as "camp". I just wanted to put it out there that when I was a kid, in middle class Australian suburbs there was an unspoken prejudice against Woody which is why Buzz was seen as the more "manly" toy.

      I really don't know. Am I really that annoying? I don't know exactly what I said that got me marked down a point… I'm just confused.

  8. Every single time I watch any of the Toy Story movies, I want to do this. Haven't had a chance to see 3 yet, but I'm so looking forward to it.


    ..but just wanted to drop in and tell how I adore the silent strips. As funny and creative your dialogue can get, (with all the 'splodes and that) it's still good to see your wordless comics delivering the message just as clearly.


  10. Dang it, my Optimus Prime is in a closet at my mom's house. Think maybe I'll swing by this weekend and see if I can find that box.

    I made it through the incinerator scene without crying (barely), then completely lost it in the last few minutes. I was far from the only one.

    • My boyfriend who never cries cried in the last few minutes. I told him that if he doesn't cry when our children are born, I am going to be PISSED.

      But as far as the incinerator scene, I knew in my head that everything was going to be ok, but my heart ached as I saw them holding hands. And as I said in my review, every person in the audience (even the kids) were dead silent.

  11. I don't have any of my old toys from when I was a kid because I was like the destructive neighbor kid and the firecrackers from the first movie. When I got bored with my toys I found a way to destroy them and take them apart. I had some bad ass metal BIG Tonka trucks and they were darn near indestructible so in my rage at not being able to destroy them I got frustrated and got a hammer and just wailed on them for like 20 minutes doing as much damage as you can do to a mostly steel toy. I'm not sure why I was so intent on breaking them either….
    I do still have my legos…can't break those 😉

  12. I haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait! I still periodically take out my old toys and give them a hug….Then I stuff them back in their dark little box for another year.

  13. Great strip – I'll have to take the kids to see that at the cinema!

    Completely off topic, but I got my Sci-Fi TV Movie Title Generator T-shirt yesterday! It is made of win! Much better quality shirt than some I have bought (Rule#2 Double Tap I'm looking at YOU!) and a great fit. Please stick with American Apparel for your shirts, Joel and avoid Bella if you can – some of their stuff is okay, but a lot of it is really poor quality jersey that stretches out of shape after 2 washes.

  14. It's so weird… the trailers for this don't make me want to see it. At ALL. In fact, they make me want to see it even LESS. But your review of it makes me feel the exact opposite way, and now I am torn about whether or not to see it.

  15. I just watched Toy Story about half an hour ago and spent the last chunk of the movie bawling. It was such a good ending, I dug up all my old stuffed animals from the basement and gave them big hugs and cuddles. Only Pixar can yank the heartstrings like that.
    And the incinerator scene? I'm 19 and it scared the living bejeezes out of me. That's intense stuff for a "kids" movie.

  16. I'm so happy that one of my favorite toys, a stuffed Totoro from Studio Ghibli, made it into the film. It just brought that movie one degree closer to home. Thanks Pixar.

  17. We just saw the movie last night.
    This comic … much like the movie, is fantastically well done.
    Thank you.

  18. I made a resolution to go and see the movie after reading this strip. and I’m glad I did. I cried at 4 distinct points in the movie. I also completely embarrassed my kids, the other adult I went with, and everyone in the theatre when I yelled out “YES!” at the top of my voice at one particular scene. if you’ve seen the movie, you know which one it is… and if you haven’t, you’ll understand when you see it.

    dammit, I’m -still- tearing up, eight hours later.

  19. It really makes me wish I still had my toys, but a tornado took our house when I was 15. Captain Picard, Charles Xavier, and a bunch of turtles are hiding somewhere in the middle of a field.

  20. hmm I still read my mirage tmnt (was way too old for archie ) and i still think it kick asses! no need for action figures already mentioned I was old .

  21. Had to file TS3 under "superb film, worthy of all the accolades it received and more, can't bring myself to watch it again."

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