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[UPDATE 1/31/13] Horribly sad, long story short: The Blind Ferret Server got SUPER hacked and all their sites went down, including my store. Most are still down. Every day the store is down I get closer to not having enough money to pay my bills this month. Therefor I have created a temporary PRINT SHOP when you can get my BRAND NEW “TESLA UNCOILED” print as well any many of my most popular large prints.


You can also still get all kids of fancy fine shirts from Sharksplode.

I did a two part interview with the United We Geek podcast. You can listen to part 1 right here and part 2 over here. We talk a lot about the origins of the comic, The Experiment, what a “creative community” really is and then I go off on Star Wars for like half an hour. It’s good fun.

More and more super secretive movies are getting spoiled by toy releases. Back when Amazing Spider-Man was double secret hush hush, and none was supposed to know what The Lizard looked like all these pictures of the toys surfaced months in advanced and spoiled the fact that The Lizard looked really stupid. If they only had spoiled that the movie wasn’t very good, I could have saved $18.

The one toy line you can NEVER trust to accurately spoil a movie is Batman. Regardless of the particular sub-franchise, Batman toys always have like 100 different suits that aren’t in the movies. I was not surprised when “Arctic Mission” Batman didn’t show up to battle Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

COMMENTERS: What was your favorite all time movie tie in toy? I had some weird ones that I was oddly fond of. I had a Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves Kevin Kostner figure with real firing bow and arrow that I loved, and I’m pretty sure I had some Hook action figures too. Bang-a-rang, indeed.


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Otherwise Occupied

“George Hurt You” shirts are in the store!!!

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First and foremost, I AM NOT casting judgement. I am merely expressing my confusion at the fandom of teenage to adult males surrounding My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, a cartoon made for little girls. I’ve heard all the arguments. It’s well animated, well voice acted, well written, etc. I agree on all accounts. I still just don’t get it. That said, I have always been of the “Fan and let fan” mindset.

This comic is inspired by (and guest stars) my friend Lar, who I spent last weekend with at New York Comic Con. He was expressing an honest desire to understand the Bronies and what makes them tick (I suspect rainbows and sparkles are involved). Later he tweeted most of what I have portrayed him saying panel 1 and I couldn’t help but think he could have just as easily been talking about Occupy Wallstreet. I think he might have been offering himself as defacto leader if there was no other claim to the throne.

I talked to one of the guys at Hasbro (a Hasbrony?) about the Brony phenomenon. He said their official policy is “we don’t get it, but we love it.” He confirmed my suspicion that they are careful NOT to cater to Bronies with the production of the show or the official merchandise, because it would probably have the opposite effect and drive them away. What they are obsessed with is the show which Hasbro thought it was making for little girls. To alter course now, would likely alienate both core audiences. It was a very enlightening conversation that got me thinking about what happens when you create something and put it out there for mass consumption. The audience you get isn’t always the one you want, but rather the one you deserve.

COMMENTERS: Other than MLP:FiM, are there any shows, movies, or other entertainment products that you’ve enjoyed despite being out of the target demographic (age, gender, etc)? Speaking of Hasbro, when I was a kid I LOVED Jem. I was always too embarrassed to ask for the toys for my birthday. Eventually I got up the nerve and came up with this thing about how I wanted the guy (whatever Jem’s boyfriend’s name was) and I “might as well get the girl to go along with him.” The ruse didn’t work and I remained Jemless.

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Friend to HE Jon Rosenberg has a new comic called “Scenes From a Multiverse.” It has pretty pictures and nerdy words. It’s like Goats, but minus the 12 years of continuity to catch up on. You will enjoy it.

Toy Story 3 is the best film of 2010 and the best Pixar film to date. The end.

It was perfect. I don’t care that it’s animated, or aimed at kids or CG or that it has one extra dimension. That movie is a gee-dee masterpiece of story telling. I cried real human-style tears for at least the last 15 minutes.

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I’m not going to do a full review, but I do want to list a few things that I especially enjoyed and others that pushed Toy Story 3 past Pixar‘s typical fabulousness and straight into “Best Picture Oscar” territory:

  • The entire opening sequence. I haven’t laughed that hard at another movie this year.
  • The improv toy troop
  • Ken
  • Spanish Buzz. “El Vaquero!”
  • Mr. Tortia Head
  • The incinerator scene. I completely forgot I was watching a cartoon at that point.
  • Lotso’s complete lack of redemption
  • Woody’s realization that he had to let Andy go
  • Andy’s “one last play” with the toys

Buh! I’m starting to mist up again. I better go Watch the first 8 minutes of Up! so I can calm d…BLOOOHOOOO HOOOHOOOO HOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

Please share your thoughts on Toy Story 3 in the comments. Try to keep SPOILERS to a minimum but be warned that THE COMMENTS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!!

Recommended For Ages Youngling to Padawan

That actually was my name in KOTOR. Call me a heretic but I didn’t enjoy it. Turn based combat just doesn’t make any sense to me. The story was enthralling (certainly better than the prequels) but the game play fell flat for me.

Two toys debuted at CES ’09 that let you get all levitatey with your brain powers. Despite actually carrying the Jedi seal of approval, the Force Trainer seems the weaker of the two. My money is on the Mattel Mind Flex. Instead of just using your brain waves to float a ping pong ball to different heights, you have to navigate it through a series of obstacles.

I’m sure any kid (or adult) that gets one of these will be bored with it after a week. At that point the kids will start trying to levitate other things with it, like hamsters, bullets, poison or medical waste. Adults will (if they haven’t already) find a way to have sex with it. You just can’t say “ping pong balls” and “plastic tube” without conjuring images of deviant acts. You can? Well I can’t. I’m terrible.


For any new readers that don’t know, Josh is gay. If I use the word “gay” in a comic, I actually mean “homosexual.” I know it’s hard to believe that a COMIC on the INTERNET could actually say “gay” without meaning “lame” or “LOL!!111FAGZ,” but that is indeed the case with HE.

I should also probably mention that Eli is a Mexican.

Guest Comic: Guest Comic By Keegan Mykris Of “Guinea Tech”

As you know my wife’s grandfather passed away on Sunday. We are out of town for the funeral and I assumed there would be no comics for the rest of the week. Then I remembered there is a such a thing called a… how you say the word, “Guest Comic?” Yes, this is it.

I immediately thought of Fancy Bastard Keegan Mykris, who you will remember from his fantastic interpretation of Josh in the “Godspeed You Fancy Bastard” get up.

I am extremely grateful for his help and love what he came up with. More so than anything, I love his depiction of Josh. That’s really all there is to say about that. It’s just… majestic (in the package region).

Also, listeners of the HijiNKS Ensue Podcast will enjoy the reference to Eli’s sordid past as a child in Mexico. Doomed to off-brand Disney Movies (Peliculas de Disney!) and even offer-brand toys.

Keegan and  Alex Mykris have a webcomic called “Guinea Tech” at Head over there, check it out and thank him for keeping HijiNKS Ensue alive while I am away. I love his black, white and grey art style.


Looks like we’ll have another guest comic on Friday, then hopefully I’ll be able to return home and get back to drawing for Monday’s comic.

Thank you all for your comments, Tweets and emails of support. I really do appreciate it.