Special Delivery II: The Trackening

Panel 4: Two sections of tree trunk, adorned with spikes and suspended by vines come swinging at the delivery man from both sides compacting most of his parts while oddly enough expanding others.

Keen observers will note that Joel is covered in mud. This is due to the little known fact that Fed Ex only employees delivery drivers with thermographic vision and a cat-like sense of smell.

Some Other Neat Stuff:

  1. Jon Rosenberg has a new comic for nerds called “Scenes From A Multiverse
  2. Lee Unkrich (director of Toy Story 3) linked to my comic on his twitter
  3. There is a new Fancy Bastard Facebook Fan Page
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  1. You don't actually buy every iPod as it comes off the line do you? This is just a joke for the comic? Or does each of you upgrade to a new one as it comes out so between all of you, you have every generation?

    I just got an HTC Evo / Android phone. I was on Palm for years (Handspring Visor [not a phone], Palm Treo, Palm Centro, Palm Pre). I was going to give up after the Centro, but the Pre gave me high hopes…that were shattered.

    So far, I like Android OS a lot. Palm's WebOS had a lot of things that were kinda better about the UI, but Android has a lot more polish and a much better app eco system. I'm glad there's a new iPhone and that iPhone stays competitive and keeps the industry moving, but it lacks too many features and is too closed for me to use as a software engineer. It looks pretty though. 🙂

    • Im telling you what I like with MY comic. Im not in any way saying you should purchase anything you dont want or support one product over another. The purpose of the comic is to make people laugh. If you take something else away from it, then its your own doing.

      Just FYI, there is no fighting allowed in these comments so please dont try to start any flame wars. Not saying you did, but you are getting close.


  2. As a FedEx employee, I love this strip. Though I'll point out only the word "Express" is under the FedEx now, unless this is a much older truck. I don't think it is as the older trucks don't have defenses against Apple fanboys. Our new trucks certainly do.

  3. @sumdog: like OMG I totally got the this thing that was better than that thing but I can’t believe you got the doodad when it first came out because the whatsit is so much better and that flippity jibblet has more thing to do on it with an awesome super HD screen… I pretty much am mister phone awesome and know that the Blow Phone has more satilite laserbeams going to it than a speaker at a Junior high pep rally… Oh Waite this is the place for comments on how the comic was pretty cool…

    • And he comes out swinging!

      The comments section is for comments. Yes it's good if they relate to the comic above (which, in fact, sumdog's comment is, even if it does go on a bit) but really, as long as you're not abusive or just trying to be a douche, I don't think Joel minds *that* much. I'm sure he'd say if he did.

  4. I’m just saying leave your rant over what phone is better in your blog and let ppl who care about your opinion read it, because I’m pretty sure from everything iv read on HE Joel is pretty much stuck to his iPhone like Tony is to the arc reactor in his chest…( hmmmm )… Blah blah blah have a nice day!

    • Its more that this just isnt the place to argue about tech. Its not appropriate for this forum because the whole purpose is to geek out and have fun. Not to berate people over their tech choices.

      • I concur with your statement, Joel. Fed-Ex Canada uses Flak Jackets when delivering to known "Fan Boys" houses.

  5. As a Fed Ex Ground employee, I’ve noticed a lot more of these small Fed Ex boxes than usual in the past couple days as they went through the facility where I work. I wondered if they had iPhone 4s in them. I think it’s cool you got one of them and it’s a great piece of hardware. Unfortunately, I’m a loyal customer of Verizon and happy enough with my Droid. Hatred of AT&T has literally seeped into every fiber of my being due to past experiences, so there’s no way I’d get an iPhone anytime soon. Good luck with your iPhone 4, and I hope to live vivaciously soon through one of my best friends who plans to get the device as well. 🙂

        • Was just thinking the same thing! :P@Joel

          Although, if what he says is true and he hasn't aquired one just yet, be suspicious about any upcomming medical emergency…

        • I dont want to be a buzzkill but this really isnt a joking matter. I take the donations very seriously and would never try to take a readers money under false pretenses. Its especially not funny since it involves my daughter being in the hospital and a debt that I still owe over $2000 on. It's a sore spot in the sorest way possible and Id rather if we didnt make light of the situation.

          • Sorry if I implied that you were anything less than a stand up guy. I always root for you to do well and your family to prosper. It always gives me a sinking feeling when I hear about you or your daughter getting sick and unable to pay and I wish I didn't have a mountain of debt to pay off and could just pay it for you. Well I'm going to stop now and just hope the genuine feelings I'm trying to convey in this come through.

  6. Nah, next panel has to be a clone Joel suprising the delivery guy from out of a near by bush and delivery guy saying "Clever girl"

  7. The comic was funny in and of itself, but I didn't get the Predator reference until reading the comments. Now it's even better.

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