Ripping My Insides Out

Pixar are at their best when they’re reminding you of the frailty of the human condition. Sometimes I think they’re bold for having the guts to tell honest and often deeply sad stories in a way that has one level of significance to a child and a whole different level to an adult. Other times I think they are fucking our emotions for money.

I saw Inside Out this weekend. Ironically enough, the film is about this very subject. It’s about the idea that you can’t really be happy if you never allow yourself to be sad. It’s also about Pixar’s two other favorite ideas: Your kids are going to grow up and leave you, and then you’re going to die. Whether they’re tugging on our collective heart strings to bilk us out of billions or not, they ARE presenting very adult ideas in a format that is typically reserved for children’s entertainment and they’re doing it extremely well. This isn’t to say they’re exposing children to concepts that should be hidden from them. Far from it. I think it’s good for children to have realistic expectations of loss, and death and the concept of people and the world around them constantly changing. They do… it’s just that they SEEM to lean on this mechanism A LOT. I don’t even know if I want them to stop. I honestly don’t know if I thought Inside Out was a great movie. I enjoyed it, but I’d have to see it again (and like ALL Pixar movies, I will be seeing it again and again and again) before I know how I really feel about it. That’s ALSO a theme of the movie. Feeling more than one way about something, that is. This was a new concept to my Kiddo. For those that have seen the movie already, I explained to Kiddo that she’s probably still in the “single color memories” stage of her life, and she had a few more years before the “colors started to swirl.”

SHARKSPLODERS: Rank the Pixar films using any criteria you like. Entertainment value, cultural significance, number of times you’ve seen them, etc.

Although Nothing Seems Right

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Why did I see Cars 2? Was it on a dare? Did a lose a bet? Oh god, am I pregnant? Strange cravings might account for it. Ohhhh, that’s right. I have a young child. Well, guess what? Even she nearly fell asleep halfway through and she hasn’t mentioned the movie again since. Let’s just say, from my kid (she who has watched Toy Story 3 at least 75 times and recounts in near psychotic detail every event of every movie she watched to anyone with or without functional human ears) this is a pretty damning review.

But that’s just it. Cars 2 wasn’t terrible. It was just empty and boring. It lacked ALL of the heart you expect from a Pixar film. Even considering Cars is my least favorite Pixar film, it did have at it’s center a reasonably heartfelt message. I think that message (slow down, experience a simpler life, etc) missed the mark completely, but it was there. This film’s message was “Hey this idiot must be a spy! Let’s do a bunch of spy stuff, blowing things up, then it’s over! Also friendship maybe!”

I feel like this film is not only specifically for kids, but it’s specifically for 6 year old boys. All others needs not apply. Watch WALL-E or TS3 again, instead. Get your cry on.

COMMENTERS: How did the Carsniverse come about? Did K.I.T.T lead the vehicle uprising? How does their society work? Does your make and model determine your occupation and position in life? Are they born or made? Who are their makers? Why do they have bathrooms?!

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You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Friend to HE Jon Rosenberg has a new comic called “Scenes From a Multiverse.” It has pretty pictures and nerdy words. It’s like Goats, but minus the 12 years of continuity to catch up on. You will enjoy it.

Toy Story 3 is the best film of 2010 and the best Pixar film to date. The end.

It was perfect. I don’t care that it’s animated, or aimed at kids or CG or that it has one extra dimension. That movie is a gee-dee masterpiece of story telling. I cried real human-style tears for at least the last 15 minutes.

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I’m not going to do a full review, but I do want to list a few things that I especially enjoyed and others that pushed Toy Story 3 past Pixar‘s typical fabulousness and straight into “Best Picture Oscar” territory:

  • The entire opening sequence. I haven’t laughed that hard at another movie this year.
  • The improv toy troop
  • Ken
  • Spanish Buzz. “El Vaquero!”
  • Mr. Tortia Head
  • The incinerator scene. I completely forgot I was watching a cartoon at that point.
  • Lotso’s complete lack of redemption
  • Woody’s realization that he had to let Andy go
  • Andy’s “one last play” with the toys

Buh! I’m starting to mist up again. I better go Watch the first 8 minutes of Up! so I can calm d…BLOOOHOOOO HOOOHOOOO HOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

Please share your thoughts on Toy Story 3 in the comments. Try to keep SPOILERS to a minimum but be warned that THE COMMENTS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!!

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When you really think about what happened to Boo, it’s not surprising that she went all revenge-alante monster murderer. I’m sure during those 10 years she spent in the asylumhome for troubled children who have been kidnapped, taken to an alternate dimension and tortured for three days by nightmarish creatures” she had plenty of time to plan her next move. After devising a way to re-enter the monster realm she began stalking her prey and taking them out one by one, making sure to collect a souvenir from each kill. What I’m saying is Monsters Inc. 2 is basically Kill Bill meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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To Obscenity And Beyond

This comic reminds me of the time Josh IRL showed up to my wife’s college graduation party wearing a Penny Arcade “Jesus is F’ing Metal” shirt. This particular party featured all of her aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas and great grandpeople. I met him at the door and sent him to his car to turn it inside out. I felt like an assistant principle. Josh is a prime example of unabashedly being yourself to the fullest extent all the time, and I love him for that.

Wifetron and I took DaughterUnit to see The Toy Story 3D double feature last weekend. She’s only 2 (the daughter, not the wife) and has never been to the theater before, but she was surprisingly captivated and entertained throughout most of the first movie. By the intermission she was dancing in the isles and ready to go home. Note to the movie theater industry: if you only have 1 size of 3D glasses that have to fit my giant head and her tiny head, one of us is going to be disappointed. I ended up having to build a contraption out of a head band and rubber bands to hold the glasses on her head but it was worth it. She had a blast.


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Prepping for this Con (my first real con appearance) has kicked my ass this week (hence the super late comic). I still hope to have three new comics this week, but I still have to get a 6ft X3ft banner printed and a build a stand for it. Monday after the Con there will probably be some sort of sketchbook comic. I’m considering changing the update schedule from “Mon-Wed-Fri” to “3 Times a Week.” Then maybe your expectations will be properly set for my inevitable tardiness.


Am I sick? Dying? Dead? If you haven’t been following my recent health tragedies you can catch up HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. I am pleased to say that my normal back pain (due to a bulging disk) is all but gone. My spinal headaches caused by the spinal tap are cleared up and only an occasional dull headache on the left side of my head persists. My back still hurts from them actually sticking needles in my spine 4 or 5 times, and I still generally feel like shit due to having spent the last 4 weeks on the couch, but some light exercise should clear that up.

Thanks to your generous DONATIONS, one of my medical bills is almost completely paid off. I have a bill for $1400 (CT scan and spinal tap) and another for $1700 (hospital stay and blood patch) and so far, the Fancy Bastards have donated over $1200. I am constantly amazed by what a selfless and supportive group of people you all are. In addition to donations I have received dozens of emails and twitter replies encouraging me to get better. Believe me when I say that those go a long way toward aiding my recovery.


I did an interview with my friend Corn Mo for Digital City. His band, 357 Lover, is releasing a new album called “Diorama of The Golden Lion” and it rocks intensely hard.