When Memes Attack

2009-04-15-signed-comic-printsLet me preface by saying that I am in no way making fun of the situation, the people that were killed or the brave men and women that performed the rescue operation. I am making fun of the fact that it is 2000-and-fucking-9 and THERE ARE STILL ACTUAL PIRATES! How does this happen? How are their people alive on this planet that make their living pillaging and hoarding booty and such? Do they have wenches? Peg legs? Peg boys? It really does seem too ridiculous to NOT have come crawling out of the internet.

Question time:
What meme should come to life next, and how will it manifest in the real world?

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  1. PS: Lovin' the artistic evolution! You're totally coming more into your own as far as your style goes. Keep it up!

  2. Great job on the comic Joel.

    As for meme's coming to real life, we've already been Rick-Rolled in real life.

    Maybe Japan will attack Pearl Harbour again and declare "All your base are belong to us!". And in retaliation a single intrepid aircraft carrier will counter attack before the rest of the fleet is organized while broadcasting "Leorrrrryyyy Jenkinnnnnnnss!"

    I wonder if some daring couple would try to re-enact 2girls1cup in real life? Oh wait I think they did that on Jerry Springer, *shrugs*.

  3. But I was told that the number of pirates had decreased as the temperature increased! I'm starting to doubt the Flying Spaghetti Monster's existence entirely!

    • If he heard you talk like that he would kick you a new asshole. and it would probably be dangerously close to your old one.

  4. http://www.theonion.com/content/amvo/captain_resc

    Old Man

    Dundee McNair,
    Ignition Specialist
    “You don’t mess with U.S. naval forces. Did African pirates learn nothing from the two early-19th-century Barbary wars?”

    or as my friend said:
    You'd think that a county who's first major military expedition involved sailing halfway around the globe to beat the ever loving hell out of other continents' pirates would 1) be avoided by said pirates in the future, and 2) have the willpower to repeat the process now that it has superpower military abilities.

  5. I blame the International Talk Like a Pirate Day for all this. Maybe it got misunderstood as Act like a pirate day and got out of control.
    Brilliant comic, I always thought lolcats were secretly evil.
    As for the real life memes I think my life is pretty much Do Not Want, doing it wrong and Fail.


  6. "THERE ARE STILL ACTUAL PIRATES! How does this happen?"

    Shipping lines, Baby! Cargo ships travel the same routes across oceans, specifically the shortest and easiest to navigate ones. At certain points those routes bring the ships close to notoriously poor countries such as Somalia and Indonesia, close enough that 20 dudes in motor boats can ride out to sea with machine guns and try to force themselves aboard (Check out the Straight of Malacca).

    Most of the time they just take the crew's cash and goods, then jet back to land and disappear for a few weeks. I think the majority of pirates are farmers and laborers day-to-day; Piracy is their night job! Radness.

  7. I think the vault needs a wallpaper of ninja-Eli. And if the store had a shirt of him doing a cool ninja flip out I'd totally buy it.

  8. What he said. And, there are more pirates now worldwide than at any prior time in history. It's not a thing of the past, it's something that's been steadily growing all this time.

    Something like 10% of the world's cargo traffice goes past Somalia and there is no way to patrol all of that. There needs to be a better solution for Somalia's troubles so that they don't resort to piracy.

  9. next meme: swashbuckling cowboys sent out on alien-made submarines sent out to the horn of africa to round up them naughty fishermen and teach 'em a thing or two about competitive rodeo events and monster truck shows.

    the fishermen-turned-pirates phenomenon reminds me of al qaida. pissed at the western world for raping its natural resources, simple people transform into terrorist monsters who can never be controlled at the end of the day, but manage to draw the world's resources to them in the futile attempt.

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