I’m Your DNSity. I Mean… Your Destiny.

My hosting woes are well documented. Even celebrated in some circles. All of that is in the past now that I have partnered with two intrepid Fancy Bastards to build a robust and reliable home for all things HijiNKS Ensue. Alex and Josh, both long time HE readers, 2009-04-10-lolfoxapproached me last year about helping me out with my server needs and, while I wanted to take them up on it immediately, the prospect of moving all my sites, domains, databases, etc seemed a little too daunting.

I’d finally had it up to here [gestures to my forehead] with Media Temple (not nearly as evil as dick-eating-Bluehost, just not a good fit for my needs and WAY too expensive for a very weak server), so I got Alex and Josh on the emails and we layed out a plan for Server Migrationpalooza ’09. I’ve spent the last 3 days elbow deep in file backups, database dumps (thanks, Daniel) and every other manner of terrifying hosting related thing you can imagine. I emerged from my data-hole about 12 minutes ago exhausted and almost entirely victorious.

Alex and Josh have a Web Design and .NET App development company called Infinistorm and also provide a free photo and file sharing service called File Hurricane. I strongly recommend both. These guys have walked me through every aspect of moving 5 databases, a handful of domains and sub domains and all sorts of issues that I wouldn’t have been able to deal with myself. They are geeks’ geeks to be sure.

File Hurricane

I’m pretty excited about graduating to a “big boy pants” server. There are a few changes, but you really shouldn’t notice them.

The Forum is now HERE and the Store is now HERE. The Podcast will have a new home soon too. If you see any broken images or anything on the site that appears to not be working, please email me. It’s likely that I missed a few files during the transfer.

VAULT UPDATE: I’ll be posting the original (bad version) of the art for this comic and some early script ideas in RIGHT HERE in The Vault.

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  1. I thought I saw this post (or a related post) last night in my feedreader, but when I clicked on it, it disappeared. Anywho…

    Moving servers sucks, but it looks like everything's OK eh?

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