[actually posted on 4/16/14] I’m still playing catch up on a week’s worth of comics. I’ll be posting a second new comic later today, so check back!

This comic is based on the time Kiddo got her first Choose Your Own Adventure book. It’s actually called The Secret Of The Ninja, and she was ENTHRALLED with the concept of reading a book over and over again with different outcomes. She’d have her face buried in the book for a few minutes, then pop up and ask, “Should I drink the tea and go into a trance or continue up the mountain?!” These are the hard questions that every parent eventually has to answer. My fatherly instincts told me which path she should take. “TRANCE, TRANCE, TRANCE! That sounds awesome! The mountain will still be there when you come out of it!”


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I wrote a blog post about how my Patreon is going and when to expect the rewards I’m working on right now.


When Memes Attack

2009-04-15-signed-comic-printsLet me preface by saying that I am in no way making fun of the situation, the people that were killed or the brave men and women that performed the rescue operation. I am making fun of the fact that it is 2000-and-fucking-9 and THERE ARE STILL ACTUAL PIRATES! How does this happen? How are their people alive on this planet that make their living pillaging and hoarding booty and such? Do they have wenches? Peg legs? Peg boys? It really does seem too ridiculous to NOT have come crawling out of the internet.

Question time:
What meme should come to life next, and how will it manifest in the real world?