IG-88 And The Stooges

They are only $15! They will never be printed again, so get ’em while you can.

Some of the Fancy Bastards and I played a Twitter game Thursday night with the hashtag #StarWarsBands. Fun times were had by all. I came up with the idea for the meme on the way home from picking up dinner that night, jotted a few notes in my phone, then started posting them as soon as I got home. Unbeknownst to me, another Twitterer had started the same meme the night before. Maybe it’s just a constantly perpetuating meme with no beginning or end. Dexie’s Midnight Kessel Runners, Prince And The New Power Converter, and May The Force Be With Uriah Heep! See what I mean?

Feel free to add your own Star Wars Bands in THE COMMENTS, but make sure your idea hasn’t already been done.

Thanks to these Fancy Tweeters who’s contributions made it into this comic: WTFisCLBcartergilsonTheAlucinautDRCrostonHermetic,
d20monkeyvemenesandchigger, and Sir_Stepho.

Just Look At Those Sideburns

A NEW PODCAST SAY WHAAAAT?! I am doing a new mini-podcast called the LoFijiNKS Podcast where I just talk for 30 min or so about whatever was on TV or anything else I feel like sharing. I hope to do it a few times a week. You can listen HERE, subscribe HERE, or iTunes subscribe HERE.

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See You In The Funny Papers

Get it? The one guy was talking about a thing but it seemed like something else and the other guy didn’t realize it until the end at which point he fell over. Now that’s a comic even Josh’s aforementioned grandparents could glance over and giggle slightly at before returning to thoughts of their ever impending mortality.

Jeph Jacques threw down the meme-gauntlet and  challenged other webcartoonists to draw their comics as if they were syndicated newspaper comic strips after seeing THIS recent addition to the syndicated line up. I was only going to post this on twitter under #ifitweresyndicated but I put so much dang effort into it I thought it deserved a proper posting. It was actually harder to draw poorly and MUCH harder to write something this frakkin’ cornball. I don’t know how those guys do it every day.

Here are a few other webcartoonists who were up to the challenge:

Jorph Jerks’s original [QC]

Bill Barnes [Unshelved]

Jeff Zugale’s [Just a Bit Off]

There will probably be a new comic tomorrow (Thursday) at some point since I was actually working on a proper HE update before I got sidetracked kicking a dead horse industry.

When Memes Attack

2009-04-15-signed-comic-printsLet me preface by saying that I am in no way making fun of the situation, the people that were killed or the brave men and women that performed the rescue operation. I am making fun of the fact that it is 2000-and-fucking-9 and THERE ARE STILL ACTUAL PIRATES! How does this happen? How are their people alive on this planet that make their living pillaging and hoarding booty and such? Do they have wenches? Peg legs? Peg boys? It really does seem too ridiculous to NOT have come crawling out of the internet.

Question time:
What meme should come to life next, and how will it manifest in the real world?

With So Much Drama In The LHC

Alternate title: You Down With LHC?

Post coming later today (assuming the universe is still here).

I’ve been planning an LHC (yeah, you know me) comic for about a month and today seemed like the best time to pull the trigger. Acting under the assumption that there this is still an “is” and the Swiss have failed at their attempt to explode every molecule in our bodies at the speed of light, I’ll go ahead and breath a cautious sigh of relief. I’m all for science. Don’t get me wrong. I’m just more for… being and such.

I have a relative that worked on the Superconducting Super Collider here in TX before the project was shut down and the miles of underground tunnels were converted to miles of ABANDONED underground tunnels. I used to hope that they would get it up in running and I would be able to sneak on on “Family Day” or something and use the machine to shoot a peanut butter sandwich through an orangutan. Seems like they would have an ample supply of both.

I’ve been collecting Large Hadron Collider related links for a few weeks in hopes of making some sense out of any of these “Big Un-Bang” claims that have been floating around the tubertrons. In the end, the only thing that was clear was that “Goatsengularity” is the reason I was put on earth. I have enriched the world and touched each of your lives and now I can return to my stasis pod and sleep for 1000 years or until I am needed again.

A few FB’s made their peace with the world on the eve of it’s destruction.

Here’s the links I mentioned: