Wheaton Comic Dare: Who’s On Middle Earth?

And Dumbing Of Age by my friend David Willis starts TODAY!

Occasionally Wil Wheaton will dare me to turn a random Tweet into a full fledged comic. Not one to back down from a challenge (nobody… calls me chicken), I have once again obliged.

A little context from the man himself:

Aeofel Elhromanë, [is] the Eladrin Avenger I played for the most recent Penny Arcade D&D podcast. [link to post]

In describing his character, Wil said:

Aeofel is an Isolating Avenger. He is, in normal language, a zealot. Where a Paladin brings comfort to the afflicted, the Avenger brings great vengeance and furious anger to those who caused the affliction.

And in a particular bout of furious anger he fell into a pit of acid and died forever. Wil’s followers have madeAeofel Lives! one of their many battle cries (along with “Don’t Be A Dick” and “I feel strange but also good”). One intrepid PAX goer went as far as to make an “Aeofel Lives” t-shirt. In response I Tweeted (or Twat) THIS at which point Wheaton threw down the gauntlet.

This was one of those comics that I just had to get out of my system before the idea overtook all of my higher brain functions. So if you find it overly specific or unenjoyable, please understand that me having inside jokes with Wil Wheaton is basically the reason I started this comic and just indulge me. There will be a new comic about a movie or something (probably Machete) on Monday.

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  1. Firstly, your SP comic had me in stitches.

    Secondly, I think the greatest thing in the world about your comic is that you get to be friends with Wil Wheaton. Just saying.

  2. ROFL! I've been waiting for this ever since I saw Wil Wheaton tweet the comic dare. Oh so well worth the wait! The look on Eowyn's face in the last panel is priceless!

  3. Why couldn't you have just killed the twit in "Die Wheaton Die!" and be done with it? Acknowledging his "tweets" with your own creative process just validates the ridiculous amount of undeserved popularity given to the Jar-Jar of Star Trek.

    Joel, you're not lucky to be friends with Wheaton. You're creative and clever, and he's been coasting for years on the popularity of a show, that he only made worse.

    Why does that man have fans?

    • Wil is *so* far removed from "Wesley" now. He is a talented author of several books, does reviews of cool tech stuff, lots of voice-over work, and has been acting all over the place. just because *you* haven't been aware of his career, doesn't mean it is stagnant.
      He is one of the funniest/nicest/coolest dudes around. I have met him, and spent an evening in his company with friends. He is real.

    • My first instinct is to just delete this comment and be done with it, but im in a good mood and Id like to give you a second chance. These comments are not the place for flaming, trolling or any other such internet douchebaggery. Vitriol and bile are not welcomed here. You also arent going to make many friends among the FB's by spreading uninformed and hateful opinions about one of the most genuine and talented geeks out there today. Your "coasting" comment not only devalues all of the work Wil has done as a voice over artist, a writer, an actor and an advocate of gamers and geeks alike, it shows that you don't check your facts before you start spewing nonsense.

      Wil is a man that does what he loves for a living every single day of his life. I dare you to pity him or his career. You should be so lucky.

      If nothing else (assuming you actually enjoy HE) understand that I would have NEVER had the guts to create this comic or attempt to make a living from it without being inspired by Wil.

      Next time you decide to comment, don't be a dick.

      • This will likely be the only other time I bother to comment, and it's to clarify for your benefit.

        I've seen Wheaton's blog, and heard his voice acting work, and neither strike me as exceptional. I've heard him speak, and felt he was blowing smoke. He says the same thing that any geek says, just with the wider audience that he has due to his Trek fame… but that fame should be a negative reputation.

        I do not pity him; we should all be so lucky… which is my annoyance, that I see his current fame as luck.

        That he has inspired others to pursue their dreams, is the most valid point I've seen anyone make that he's made a real contribution. Everyone else just points at the writing and voice acting.

        You can delete my posts or dismiss my opinions if you like. However, these feelings are not based on ignorance of his work, but an unfortunate familiarity with it.

        • How the fuck does this help anyone? What are you trying to accomplish? People come to this site to laugh and have geeky fun. If all you want to do is rain on the parade and make sure everyone knows how good you are at NOT liking someone most of us like then you are most definitely in the wrong place. If all you have is negativity, keep it to yourself or spew it on the other 99.999999% of the internet.

          • He isn't "coasting" on his Star Trek past! He has so many fans that say "Wesley who?". I' ve talked to young people who read his columns on Suicide Girls, saw him at Cons, on MTV, liked him… *then* looked-up the Next Gen DVDs. Some only knew him from "Stand by Me"!
            He, himself, only embraced his history a few years ago. His book, "Just a Geek" is a wonderful read. It is *not* all about Star Trek, but his acting/writing/family/etc struggles. It wasn't easy.
            He lends himself to charities (Poker tournies, Cancer runs), MCs the evening fun (RockBand,etc) at Cons (playing for hours!)…the man doesn't stop!
            He has earned his time in the sun.
            (sorry, Joel!)

          • Insightful question, that, as it made me realise how little I had examined my motivations before posting. It was not simply to make fun of Wil Wheaton, and I rarely post anything to the web, usually communicating by email. I really was asking “wtf?” as I’ve watched his popularity grow over the past decade but have never understood his appeal. However, because he has never ceased annoying me and I tend to find his fans equally annoying, my approach to the question of “wtf do you like about him?” has become increasingly snide over the years, as well.

            I didn’t think about why I was asking in your forum, as opposed to any other’s, but it was because you are the fan of Wil Wheaton, whose work I have enjoyed most… There are a lot of web comics about geeky topics, and I’ve read more than my fair share of them. I enjoy your work regularly, and if anything, you are the person who deserves my ire against Wil Wheaton the least. I am sorry for directing it at you.

            Even through this ire, you answered my question better than anyone else has. After the usual assumption that I’m not familiar with the body of his work, you pointed out that he is living out a geek fantasy, and how inspirational he is to others. More importantly, even I can see that he honestly cares about his fans, a virtue of damn few celebrities. His fans love him, because he does everything he can to be worthy of their devotion.

            Thank you. I may never be a fan of his work, but I can appreciate that by handling celebrity as well as he has, he certainly appears to be a rather admirable man.

  4. Wheaton's guest appearances on Big Bang Theory are most awesome. Sheldon has his "Wesley Crusher's" team as he battles Wheaton at card games and bowling. I hope he continues on the show.

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