His Abs Are Over 9000

This comic is the result of a conversation I had with David Willis during Dallas Animefest. After seeing a veritable “sea of abs” in the anime artwork displayed around us, we decided that this should be the basis of an entire anime universe.

Feel free to use the comments to expand on the narrative above with characters, back stories and other anime tropes that might fit nicely into our new, glistening abdomiverse.


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  1. Ab guy 2 seems like a pirate. An ab pirate? That steals ab related paraphernalia? Or overthrew the ab king, which was ab guy 1's father.

  2. I just finished re-reading GYFB, did the math and hoped another book was coming soon. Woohoo! I look forward to giving you more of my money.

  3. “You fool…after I defeated your father, I ate him to absorb his massive abdominal power! That is why you are no match me! And now, I will eat you and absorb your power as well!! MU-WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

  4. And then they had sex.

    Hot, hot ab sex.

    While wrestling.

    And crying.

    Then they had to be separated from each other and continue to fight on opposite sides of the cause. 5 years and many secret but brief trysts later, the good guy defeated the bad guy, and lay crying over is lov-emies corpse.

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